Recap / Lost S 01 E 21 The Greater Good

Just getting this one started.

Season 1, Episode 21:

The Greater Good

Sayid watches Shannon as she cries at Boone's side. He wants to help her in her grief. Outside, Jack says Boone was murdered by John Locke.

FLASHBACK! Sayid is brought into talk to the CIA at heathrow airport to help them find a terrorist: his old friend Essam.

They hold a funeral for Boone, and Sayid is the first to speak up, expressing regret for not getting to know him. Locke shows up and says it was his fault that Boone died. He says Boone was a hero. He got his injuries trying to call for help on the radio of the Beechcraft before it fell. Jack wrestled him to the ground.

(will finish later)