Recap / Lost S 01 E 01 Pilot Part 1

Season 1, Episode 1:

Pilot, part 1

Jack Shephard wakes up in the jungle, battered and bruised, not knowing where he is. After looking around for a bit and seeing a dog he finds a bottle of Vodka in his shirt pocket. He stands up, and runs through the Jungle until he comes to the beach.

On the beach he sees the wreck of an airplane, witnessing a Red Shirt suffering from a Turbine Blender, he starts running around and giving medical help to people around him, offering aid to Claire, Rose and another Red Shirt.

Afterwards Jack goes to be alone to heal himself, and meets Kate Austen. He asks her for assistance with sewing his injuries and she obliges.

Hours later, while Jack is treating another injured passenger, Michael Dawson and his son Walt discuss what to do with the bodies. Sayid organizes a Cleanup crew to get rid of the bodies and give them the Due to the Dead.

Hurley finds food (how appropriate) and gives it out to the other survivors, but Shannon refuses to eat until rescue arrives, mach to the chargin of her brother Boone.

At night a loud roaring is heard, and trees are crushed in the jungle.

At morning Jack, Kate and Charlie set out on a Quest to find the cockpit of their plane and send out a distress signal. When they find it and climb into it, Charlie dissapears into the bathroom, while Kate and Jake find Matt Parkman the Pilot. He tells them that the plane lost radio contact early in the crisis and that it is nowhere near the place where people are looking for it.

Meanwhile, on the beach Jin tells his wife Sun in Korean that she should stay near him. Locke is sitting outside in the rain.

Meanwhile in the jungle: the noise from yesterday returns, snuffs the Pilot, and scares off the main cast; after they reunite they find the Pilot dead and mutilated.

Tropes in this episode include:

  • Inciting Incident: The plane crash. While future episodes will delve into the mountains and mountains of backstory on the characters and the setting, the arrival of Oceanic 815 kicks off the story of Lost proper.