Recap / Leverage S 04 E 02 The Ten Lil Grifters Job
What's a murder mystery party without an actual murder?
"Let's go steal a murder."

It was a dark and stormy night, and Nathan Ford was left holding the bag for the murder of one Morris Beck.

Three days before that, the team met with a woman who is explaining that several buildings built by Beck have collapsed. She comments that he should be shot for it. She was part of a law firm, and was pursuing a suit, but Beck got her fired and is stalling until the suit gets dismissed. They need to get Beck’s original blueprints.

Nate and Sophie pose as representatives from a Middle-Eastern construction firm, and get Parker into Beck’s file room to download the prints, but they get something else: a set of numbers. Nate realizes they’re GPS coordinates which show the location of Beck’s house out on a private island. That must be where the actual blueprints are. But how to get in?

Fortunately, Beck’s having his yearly gala, a murder mystery, so that will be their cover.

At the gala the team looks the place over when Beck, drunk, comes out welcoming and insulting his guests at the same time. Potter then calls for the mystery to start, and asks that all cell phones be handed over to security. Beck goes off to get into costume when Sophie is confronted by Marco Capriotti, head of the union Beck tramples on. He warns her to stay away from Beck before someone comes and makes him move along. He then introduces himself as Ray Hammett, from Salem P.D. He's here representing the city police.

Meanwhile, the team is running into problems: there's no way off the island, especially with a storm overhead, the house has an independent power supply that hasn't been upgraded in ages, so there's nothing for Hardison to hack into. And the storm keep playing havoc with the power, causing intermittent blackouts. He is able to use the wiring to find out what's using power in the house.

Beck comes out in costume and announces the contest, with a prize of $100,000. While that's going on, Parker and Nate come up on the level behind him to check on the next power draw when the power flickers and someone grabs Beck, throwing him over the railing, where he lies dead. Nate comes out a moment later, and Beck's daughter says he did it.

Sophie manages to calm the crowd and convince them that this is the actual mystery. Nate and Eliot take Beck's body, while Sophie starts mingling with the guests seeing what they remember. Detective Hammett is not convinced and begins examining the site where the body fell.

Eliot examines Beck and figures he was killed with a Neck Snap before he fell. Nate has Parker and Hardison continue looking for the safe and Sophie control the crowd. Eliot warns him that he better solve this, or he's going to take the fall for it. As though to drive the point home, Detective Hammett comes up looking for Beck. Eliot and Sophie manage to divert him, but he's already suspicious.

Eliot points out that the killer is still there, since he can't leave until morning, just like the rest of them. Nate thinks back to what he saw and asks Eliot to help him find the killer. Based on Nate's description, he zeroes in on Capriotti. Nate saw something shiny in the perp's inside pocket, and Eliot finds Capriotti has a flask. Possible, but not enough to go on.

Hardison is still trying to locate power draws, but Parker keeps thinking there's something off about the dimensions of the halls. Then she vanishes. Meanwhile Hammett is still convinced Beck is really dead, and Sophie is forced to go along, while Eliot approaches the next suspect, Case. He has a smartphone in his inside pocket. Another possible, but Nate isn't sure.

Hardison runs into a guard who begins following him when someone grabs him. Parker shows him the secret passages she discovered... which leads right to a secret room hiding the blueprints. Eliot is still talking to Case when Nate remembers hearing clothing rip. Case doesn't have any tears, so it must not be him. Parker and Hardison emerge with the news about the passages and the safe, but they can't leave until they've proven Nate didn't do it.

Hammett pulls Sophie into a room where they can talk and begins telling her that he knows she's not who she says she is, and he knows who Nate is. Sophie tries to convince him she doesn't know anything, but he cuffs her to a chair and heads off. She tries to warn Nate, but he's off comms.

Nate has just figured it out when Hammett kicks down the door. Nate starts to explain that whoever did would have had to know that Beck would arrive drunk and give a speech on that balcony and about the secret passages, which they used to escape. There was one thing that was different about when Beck died: the power surges consistently happened after each lightning to the power station, but that time the power went out before a lightning strike. Meaning someone cut the power, while the killer took out Beck.

Nate figures it's the daughter. She got some guy to to the deed for her, while she cut the power. But they weren't counting on Nate being there. Meaning he's the only one who knows what really happened. He then asks to see Hammett's inside pocket, where he has his shiny badge and a few tears in the lining. Hammett seems impressed that Nate figured it out, then asks what's to stop him from killing Nate right now?

The answer comes when the power goes out, and Nate takes off into the passages. Beck's daughter comes in demanding to know what the shooting's for, but Sophie's there and knocks her out. Hammett follows Nate into the library, but Nate gets the drop on him with the wrench that was supposed to be the "murder weapon". He then takes Hammett's phone and calls Detective Bonnano.

Later, Case is on TV praising Beck for being a good humanitarian. The client is satisfied, but Nate's not very happy with how it turned out, and more particularly with how each one of them thought he might have actually done it at one point or another. Sophie tries to dissuade him but eventually leaves him to think, leaving one last thought:

Sophie: Are you climbing back into that bottle because of what you think we see in you, or what you see in the mirror?

Tropes stolen in this job: