Recap / Leverage S 02 E 04 The Fairy Godparents Job
A musical...about bread mold.
"We are the worst fairy godparents in the world."
Sophie Deveroux

Kay Maher, a nurse at a local clinic, seeks help from the Leverage Team to deal with Daniel Fowler, a man she had asked to invest the clinic's money when it turned out he was running a scam, nearly killing a child. She trusted him because he's one of the board of directors and his son is a nice kid.

Hardison briefs the team (minus Sophie who just broke up with a guy she's dating) on Fowler. He's the C.E.O. of FTP Fidelity but got caught in a Ponzi scheme which is causing Kay's clinic to close down, since he lost all their money. The FBI put him under house arrest and froze all his assets before he got the chance to leave for Maldives. As Sophie enters, Hardison piggybacks on the FBI's surveillance and find he has some issues with his son, Widmark. Looking for ways to lure him out his apartment, they need to know more of Widmark by stealing his school. They replace headmaster Jerrod (after Hardison gives him all expense paid tickets to Botswana) with Nate (as an intern headmaster) with Sophie and Eliot as teachers despite the student's parents arguing about Jerrod's absence. They try different things to see what Widmark's talents are but utterly fail to see any in him since he hasn't joined a club for five years, and is pretty hopeless at...anything. Meanwhile Hardison and Parker are trying to install a motion detector outside Fowler's apartment when the FBI comes up in the elevator. They hide but as they watch Fowler open the door to see what the feds want, a hitman points a gun at them attempting to shoot Fowler but Parker stops him. Hardison gives chase while the FBI agents confront Parker. But luckily the FBI agents turn out to be Special Agents Taggert and McSweeten who recognize them from the previous encounters.

Nate is frustrated that Eliot and Sophie can't seem to find it and can't believe Hardison and Parker ran into FBI agents that would recognize them. Nate tells Hardison and Parker to keep an eye on Fowler with the FBI since he'll be gunned down by the hitman. Just then they see Widmark singing on a vid cam and they realize they found a way in. The next day, Sophie asks Widmark and his classmates to sing. Impressed with Widmark's talent, she decides she's going to put him in the finale during the musical. However, Mr. Sanford, Skyler's dad and head of the concerned parents association, and the other parents are not too happy of their decision even for them to push forward the musical in a few days than six weeks. He even refers to Fowler for his crimes but Nate reminds them that Widmark himself has not done anything to them. Despite the plan, Sophie insists on bringing the best out of him instead of 'using him' since Widmark's life has been very miserable due to his father. Meanwhile Hardison and Parker are with the FBI agents discussing the plans and checking the security cameras.

On the day of the show, Hardison lets Taggert take care of Fowler, and realizing McSweeten is falling for Parker, Hardison sends her along with them while he stands guard at the apartment. After the FBI watchdogs leave, he gets inside. Back at the Auditorium, everyone's ready for their performance but Sophie realize Widmark's missing and looks for him. She finds him crying inside the bathroom. Unable to get a hold of herself, she tells the truth that she conned him into being brave and reveals she's a con artist. She used to have no friends like him but now she does. Widmark stops crying and ask why they make fun of him. Sophie tells him that it's because they see him as he is now and he's not able to show who he is now. She event tells him that she's an actress and gives him an advise that it's all about telling the truth rather than lying to everyone of his true self. With Parker's help, Hardison manages to override the security system and breaks open a panel in the wall to find a small case, but when he opens it, it's empty.

Nate is puzzled that the case is empty and realizes that someone else other than themselves and the FBI knows about it, and that the hitman was after the FBI instead of Fowler as he must have hired the hitman in the first place. Hardison opens a hidden panel inside the case and finds a cell phone. Nate realizes that that's what Fowler was scolding Widmark for since he was using his own son's phone. Parker casually asks McSweeten about searching Fowler before they left and he was carrying a bag with some tapes and camera, presumably for the performance. Eliot finds the hitman and starts fighting him backstage while Sophie insists on continuing the performance until Widmark does his. Hardison tracks the phone to a guy named Skyler, the kid who's been picking on Widmark. But Nate sees Mr. Sanford casually replacing Fowler's bag and realizes that Fowler and Sanford have been in contact. Nate then pretends to trip while taking the bag that Sanford replaced.

It's finally Widmark's turn and despite his earlier nerves, he delivers a shining performance with a snappy song that has the audience give a standing ovation. Eliot manages to take down the hitman while Nate finds the bag contains a different identity and a new life in Bogota. Eliot manages to confront Sanford and snatch his bag while Sophie plays one of the tapes after presenting the prizes when the performance ends. To everyone in the auditorium's surprise, the tape plays that Sanford was in on Fowler's scheme as Fowler rushes outside only to be caught by Taggert after Nate trips him with his cane and then gives the bag that contains the fake ID to Taggert. Sanford tries to stop Sophie but is arrested by McSweeten just in time.

Next day, Kay's clinic is saved and handed back more money than before since Fowler sent his money to a different account so the feds couldn't find it. He even made a deal with Sanford to kill the two FBI agents and forge some new ID for the tapes. Widmark and his mother even appear helping the clinic out as his mother needs a job. Kay thanks them for the help and helps Widmark and his mom out. Nate is impressed with Sophie since this is the first time that a con relied on her telling the truth, but Sophie reminds him that if she stops telling the truth she won't be Sophie Devereaux.

Tropes stolen in this job:

  • The Ace: Judy Kim spells every word Sophie gives her, can make up snappy songs on the spot, and is insufferably polite the whole time.
  • Adorkable: A science fair presented in musical form was bound to be this, but special mention goes to the adorable little girl singing about clouds.
  • Amazon Brigade: Eliot appears to be training one made up of schoolgirls at one point.
  • Antidisestablishmentarianism: While trying to get Widmark going as a speller, he goes up against one girl who gets every word Sophie throws at her, including...
  • Blatant Lies: When Skyler protests that Widmark keeps getting the easy words, Sophie tells him point blank that they're all random.
  • Continuity Nod: Taggert and McSweeten are back, and moving up in the world after the Moscone case and breaking up a meth ring while stopping a bank robbery.
  • I Have Many Names: Sophie, Katherine, Alice, Karen, Michelle, Elizabeth...
  • Lonely Rich Kid: Widmark.
  • Not Listening to Me, Are You?: Hardison starts to tell Eliot how he made a metal detector, but Eliot's not listening.
    Hardison: What did I just say?
    Eliot: You were explaining how you're still a virgin?
  • Pre-Ass-Kicking One-Liner: "Yo, what's up?"
  • Scotty Time:
    Nate: Sophie how long would it take you to stage a musical?
    Sophie: Six weeks.
    Nate: You have two days.
  • Tempting Fate: Nate comments how they have a job in a cushy school, with no gun runners, mob bosses, or Interpol, and it'll be a breeze. Yeah, shoulda kept your mouth shut, Nate.
  • Why We Can't Have Nice Things: Hardison comments on this when Parker puts food on a set of blueprints.