Recap / Law And Order S 1 E 2 Subterranean Homeboy Blues

Two young black males, Michael Jones and Darnell Chenault, are shot on a subway. Greevey and Logan investigate follow the trail to a former dancer turned nurse, Laura DiBiase. Their opinions are divided on the case, as many of the witnesses claim she shot the two in self defense. Logan wants to go easy on her, while Greevey feels she should be penalized for firing a gun in a crowded subway car. DiBiase also maintains she felt threatened by the men she shot, but in the process of questioning reveals the gun was illegally obtained and that she threw it away after the shooting. She is arrested for second degree murder after Jones dies from complications from his wound and Chenault finds he is paralyzed for life. Greevey's opinion on the case changes after he finds his daughter was accosted by members of her school basketball team and upon discovering that Michael Jones had an extensive background of violent behavior.

DiBiase is defended by Shamballa Green, who feels her client was more than justified in fearing for her safety. Stone counters that if DiBiase goes unpunished, citizens will begin to engage in vigilante behavior. Robinette investigates DiBiase's background and found she had been raped on the subway several years prior, felt angry about the attack and had been practicing to kill her next attacker. Chenault claims they did not threaten DiBiase and further claims that she went out of her way to sit next to them, implying she was looking for someone to shoot. Stone charges that Diabiase was motivated by anger and revenge more than fear, while Green continues to plead self defense. Ultimately, it is found that Jones' criminal background included a sexual assault and Stone drops the murder charges, but insists DiBiase plead guilty to illegally carrying a concealed weapon and to reckless endangerment.