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Recap: Labyrinths of Echo
Following is a list of volumes and novels of the Labyrinths of Echo series.

Labyrinths of Echo:

The core Labyrinths of Echo series consists of eight volumes, each containing two to seven novellas, set in chronological order:

  • Labyrinth (1996, retitled The Stranger in the second edition). Includes following novellas:
    • The Debut in Echo
    • Juba Chebobargo and Other Nice People
    • Cell #5-Khokh-Au
    • The Stranger (alternative translation: Outsider)
    • King Bangee
    • Victims of Circumstances
    • A Trip to Kettari
  • Volunteers of Eternity (1996):
    • The Foxes of Magakhon
    • A Ship from Arvarokh and Other Bad News
    • Bakki Bugvin's Glasses
    • Volunteers of Eternity
  • The Dark Side (1997, retitled Simple Magical Items in the third edition):
    • The Shadow of Gugimagon
    • Simple Magical Items
  • Arbiter (1997, was lumped with The Dark Side in the second edition but split off again, inheriting its title, in the third):
    • The Dark Vassals of Glenke Taval
    • Dorot, Lord of Manukhs
  • Apparitions (1998):
    • Green Waters of Ishma
    • Sweet Reveries of Gravvi
  • The Power of What-Might-Have-Been (1998):
    • The Return of Ugurbado
    • Swamps of Gugland
  • A Talkative Dead Man (1999):
    • The Secret of the Oak Leaf Club
    • A Talkative Dead Man
    • A Bequest for Lonli-Lokli
    • The Book of Burning Pages
  • Labyrinth of Mönin (originally published with the second edition of the series in 2003):
    • White Stones of Kharumba
    • Labyrinth of Mönin
    • The Quiet City

Side stories:

  • Nests of the Chimerae (1997, largely rewritten in 1999). Max is summoned into another world, stripped of his powers, has wild adventures, and returns back to Echo to discover that mere seconds passed since he left. It is believed to occur somewhere during the penultimate chapter of Labyrinth.
  • My Ragnarök (1998). Takes place in our world, where Max is tasked with completing as many eschatological prophecies as possible. Generally assumed to be taking place during the last chapter of Labyrinth of Mönin.

Chronicles of Echo series:

  • Volume I
    • Forelock of the Land note 
    • The Tulanian Mystery
  • Volume II
    • Lord of Mormora
  • Volume III
    • The Elusive Khabba Khen
  • Volume IV
    • Crow on a Bridge note 
  • Volume V
    • The Woe of Mister Gro
  • Volume VI
    • The Laughing Glutton
  • Volume VII
    • Shavanakhola's Gift
  • Volume VIII
    • The Tuburian Game

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