A visit to the new super-deluxe Bueno Nacho in Go City turns into an adventure when an fight breaks out between local villain Aviarius and superhero Hego (after a quick-change from his restaurant manager {{secret identity}}). Aviarius uses a staff to steal Hego's {{super strength}} for himself, but instead accidentally transfers it to Kim. Team Possible then assists Hego and his Team Go brothers against Aviarius, recruiting Shego (their sister and a former member of the team before she [[FaceHeelTurn turned evil]]) to help.

!!This episode provides examples of:
* {{Backstory}}[=/=]SuperHeroOrigin: Shego and her brothers were empowered by a [[MagicMeteor rainbow-hued comet]] that struck their tree house.
* BerserkButton: Do ''not'' accuse Shego of going "soft"....
* BlackSheep[=/=]FaceHeelTurn: Shego used to be a superhero working with her brothers until she quit. Hego feels that Shego betrayed him and the rest of their brothers because found the dark side more enticing--however, Shego's reactions imply that the real reason (or at least the main reason) she quit Team Go was because she simply [[SurroundedByIdiots couldn't put up with her brothers anymore]].
* ButHeSoundsHandsome: After the initial confrontation with Aviarius, Hego, back in his civilian identity as a Bueno Nacho manager, refers to his alter ego as "that brave superhero."
* ConvenientlyTimedDistraction: Shego has gotten hold of the villain's power-stealing staff and taken all her brothers' powers for herself. Ron offers to distract Shego but Kim points out they would need a huge distraction, cue [[UnwantedRescue Drakken (thinking that Shego is in trouble) showing up]] with a [[HumongousMecha giant battle robot]]. This provides Kim the distraction she needs to break the device and return everyone's powers to their proper owners. At the end of the episode, Kim and Drakken notice that it was surprisingly easy to get the staff away from Shego, suggesting that [[ThickerThanWater she didn't really want to permanently steal her brothers' powers.]]
* DidYouActuallyBelieve: When Shego has a chance to grab Aviarius' staff and take all the powers for herself, she breaks her alliance with Kim, and mocks her for expecting anything different.
-->'''Kim:''' Shego, I thought we were in this together.\\
'''Shego:''' Oh, come ''on''. [[TheFarmerAndTheViper Don't you know me better by now?]] I mean, ''seriously''.
* DoesNotKnowHisOwnStrength: This happens to Kim a few times after the power transfer.
* EmpoweredBadassNormal: Kim, for most of the episode.
* EnemyMine: Shego gets roped into helping her brothers and Kim against Aviarius.
* KirkSummation[=/=]ShutUpKirk: After Shego grabs the staff, Hego tries to appeal to her better nature. It doesn't work.
-->'''Hego:''' No, I don't believe it. You may be a [[PerpetualFrowner cranky]] [[DeadpanSnarker smart mouth]], [[HairTriggerTemper prone to excessive violence]], but deep down, you are still a member of Team Go... a hero.\\
'''Shego:''' Hego, I quit your stupid team years ago and after I quit, I went to work for a guy who wants to {{take over the world}}.\\
'''Kim:''' It's true.\\
'''Hego:''' But deep down...\\
'''Shego:''' [[PunctuatedForEmphasis I. Am. Evil.]] [[CardCarryingVillain Have I made myself clear?]]
* LastSecondWordSwap: Drakken tries to demand an explanation when Kim, Hego, and Mego show up at his lair:
-->'''Drakken:''' Shego, [[MyWayOrTheHighway as long as you're going to live under my roof, you'll follow my rules]]. And rule number one: no secrets. Whatever is going on...\\
(''Shego [[FingersnapLighter lights up]] with a [[HandBlast threatening power glow]]'')\\
'''Drakken:''' ...is obviously a private matter.
* NoOntologicalInertia: Once Aviarius' staff is broken, everyone's superpowers return to the original owners.
* PowersAsPrograms: Aviarius' staff can steal and transfer superpowers.
* SiblingTeam[=/=]SuperFamilyTeam: Team Go.
* SlaveToPR: Kim threatens to publicize Shego's former life as a superhero if she doesn't help. Shego gives in rather than have her [[VillainCred reputation]] shot.
* SuperpowersForADay: Kim has Hego's SuperStrength for most of the episode.
* ThickerThanWater: Both Kim and Drakken notice that it was surprisingly easy to get the staff away from Shego, suggesting that she didn't ''really'' want to permanently steal her brothers' powers.
* UnwantedRescue: Dr. Drakken, believing that Shego is in trouble, shows up in a [[HumongousMecha giant robot]] to rescue her. This creates a distraction that gives Kim a chance to get the staff away from Shego and destroy it.
* WeNeedADistraction: Ron says this immediately before Drakken shows up to provide one.