At Middleton High, Bonnie makes a play to become the MHS-cheerleading captain, much to Kim's displeasure. However, before she can do much about it, Kim is recruited by [[GovernmentAgencyOfFiction Global Justice]], a world peacekeeping force, to locate [[KidnappedScientist Professor Sylvan Green]], a retired scientist who's gone missing. To help her, she is partnered with [[MeaningfulName Will Du]], one of GJ's top's agents, a [[NoSenseOfHumor humorless]], [[RulesLawyer by the book]] agent, whose arrogance rubs her the wrong way.

While Kim & Will look for Professor Green, Bonnie creates a new routine for the squad and organizes a fundraiser by selling chocolate bars, which earns them new uniforms. Meanwhile, following up on the trace of "hyperactic acid" left at the professor's house, Kim & co travel to the black market, and learn via Big Daddy Brotherson that a large amount was purchased by Duff Killigan, a rouge Scottish golfer. The heroes quickly travel to his [[IslandBase island-based castle]] and free the professor, learning that Duff plans to use the professor's fast growing grass to make the whole world into a golf course.

Tracking Duff to Japan (the first country where he was banned from a golf course) Kim defeats the villain by using a dandelion, which, combined with the super grass, traps Duff in a giant puff. Will thanks Kim for assisting him, with an angry Kim complaining about his arrogance, [[NotSoDifferent not seeing how it compares with her and Bonnie]].

Back at school, Kim agrees to let Bonnie be the cheerleading captain--Bonnie's excited about her new position, but figures that she's done with having to work hard...Kim then points out that with Bonnie being the cheerleading captain now, the hard work itself is really only just beginning. As an upset Bonnie storms off after hearing this revelation, Ron figures that Kim's hoping that Bonnie's only going to last about a month as the school cheerleading captain--but Kim admits that she thinks Bonnie will only last "two weeks, top."

!!This episode provides examples of:
* ADayInTheLimelight: This episode introduces Duff Killigan, and is the ''only'' episode featuring him as the solo villain.
* DidntThinkThisThrough: Bonnie apparently hadn't anticipated having to continue doing the hard work she had done to gain the position of cheerleading captain in the first place, also not realizing all the pressures and responsibilities that go into being the head of an extracurricular activity.
* FailedASpotCheck: Both Kim ''and'' Will fail to notice Killigan's exploding golf ball landing right between them while they're reading up about him on their communicators. Good thing Ron didn't.
* FeetOfClay: Although Will Du is said to be Global Justice's top agent, and maintains a professional attitude throughout the episode, he turns out to be pretty much useless in the field.
* HiddenDepths: This episode proves that Bonnie's truly passionate about cheerleading and that she's (surprisingly) competent enough to actually lead and motivate their squad, and even comes up with some pretty good routines and gets the squad cool new uniforms (that are only seen in this episode). The only thing she couldn't handle was simply having to continue doing the hard work she had done to gain the position in the first place.
* HypocriticalHumor: At the end, Kim complains about how Will is arrogant and can't conceive that anyone can actually do something good on their own, unaware that is [[PlotParallel the exact same attitude she's had towards Bonnie for the entire episode]].
* ImprovisedWeapon: Kim and Duff both fight with DualWielding golf clubs--Kim wins, naturally.
* IronicEcho: As noted below under KidnappedScientist, Will believes that Dr. Green was kidnapped for his weapons skills, but Kim reminds him that Dr. Green was a weapons expert in the 1960s, and points out that literally anyone can look up his now-obsolete work in a place like a library or even on the internet. Later, after they finally rescue Dr. Green, Will asks him about any weapons secrets that Killigan may have stolen from him, but Dr. Green casually admits, "[Killigan] could look up my work in any public library."
* KickTheDog: First thing Will Du does upon meeting Ron is paralyze him and Rufus with his stop watch because he came within one foot his person.
* KidnappedByAnAlly: Kim's introduced to Global Justice by being suddenly dropped down a trapdoor into a pneumatic tube.
* KidnappedScientist: Played with--as previously mentioned, Dr. Green was a weapons-expert in the 1960s, but his once-top secret missile defense system is of no real significance in the current decade. [[EverybodyKnewAlready Kim and even Dr. Green himself point out to Agent Du that virutally anyone can look up Dr. Green's work at a place like a public library]]--what Killigan ''really'' wants is the super grass-growing formula that Dr. Green had developed in his free time as a hobby.
* NeverSayDie: Averted.
-->'''Kim:''' Mr. Killigan, put down the golf clubs!\\
'''Killigan:''' Yeh'll have to pry them from me cold, dead hands!
* NoSell: Will Du's stopwatch merely bounced off Killigan when he first tried using it. [[spoiler:[[ShockAndAwe It worked the second time, though.]]]]
-->''[Will tries using his stopwatch on Killigan. It bounces off.]''\\
'''Killigan:''' Are yeh daft, lad?
* PaletteSwap: As previously mentioned, one of the things Bonnie does is get their cheerleading squad new uniforms--while the other cheerleaders go crazy for them, the uniform itself is simply a color-switched long-sleeved version of the original MHS-uniform.
* PretenderDiss: Will Du is quite disdainful of Team Possible, believing that world-saving confrontations with villains should be left to trained professionals like the employees of Global Justice.
* QuicksandSucks: Duff has this around his castle lair.
* RealityEnsues[=/=]WantingIsBetterThanHaving: While Bonnie succeeds in becoming the new cheerleading captain, she initially figures that she's done with all the hard work she had done to gain the position--it's not until Kim herself points it out that Bonnie realizes all the pressure and responsibilities that come with being the captain. After seeing how upset Bonnie with her second thoughts about being the captain, Kim and Ron both figure that likely won't last that long--probably only about two weeks to a month.
* ShoutOut: "Check it out [[Series/GilligansIsland Killigan's Island"]].
** Kim warns Bonnie that trying too hard at cheerleading will make her spontaneously combust. [[Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer What would ever give Kim that idea?]]
* StatusQuoIsGod: The next time we see all the cheerleaders together, Kim's back to being the captain of the squad, so Bonnie obviously gave the captainship back to Kim (most likely very grudgingly).
** [[FridgeBrilliance It's possible that Kim realized beforehand that Bonnie most likely wouldn't be able to handle the pressure and responsibilities of actually]] ''[[FridgeBrilliance being]]'' [[FridgeBrilliance the cheerleading captain]].
** Likewise, the new cheerleading uniforms that Bonnie got for the squad are never seen again after this episode--in fact, the MHS-cheerleaders keep their original uniforms until ''[[Recap/KimPossibleS4E1IllSuited Ill-Suited]]'', in which they finally get new uniforms that stay that way for the rest of the series.
* TeethClenchedTeamwork: The whole relationship between Kim and Will.
* YoureInsane: Will calls Killigan this when it's revealed that he plans on turning the entire planet into his own personal golf course.