Ron starts writing for the school newspaper, [[SchoolNewspaperNewshound looking for a big scoop]]. He gets one when "extreme" daredevil Adrena Lynn has a stunt go wrong; when Kim comes to the rescue, she discovers that the stunt was faked with a dummy. The now-disgraced star doesn't take her fall from grace very well, and comes looking for revenge.
!!This episode provides examples of:
* AmusementParkOfDoom: Adrena Lynn's {{death trap}} is set in one of these.
* DoNotAdjustYourSet: Adrena Lynn uses some equipment from her former show to broadcast her message.
* FakeUltimateHero: Adrena Lynn had an impressive reputation for fearlessly performing dangerous stunts, until it was revealed that she was faking them.
* SadisticChoice: Ron and Brick Flagg are both stuck in Lynn's {{death trap}} in the expectation that Kim will only be able to save one of them. Kim [[TakeAThirdOption easily rescues them both]].
* SchoolNewspaperNewshound: Ron assiduously searches for a big story after joining the school newspaper. After a few false starts, he gets his big break when he witnesses Kim rescuing what turns out to be a dummy dressed as Adrena Lynn from an apparent stunt mishap.
* ShooOutTheNewGuy: Adrena Lynn was originally intended to be a recurring villain, but unenthusiastic audience reaction limited her to this one-shot appearance (she did appear for a moment in the background of the GrandFinale {{stinger}}).