Recap: Kim Possible S 1 E 13 Monkey Fist Strikes

Kim helps archaeologist Monty Fiske retrieve an ancient monkey idol from an ancient site protected with an Indiana-Jonesesque series of death traps. Unfortunately, the idol is then stolen by a mysterious ninja.

Meanwhile, Kim's gamer-geek cousin Larry is coming for a visit, and Kim is expected to spend some time with him, much to her dismay. This complicates the problem of tracking down the idol — Team Possible needs to talk to Fiske in order to get some leads on the subject, but that will be difficult unless Kim can find a way to be in two places at once....

This episode provides examples of:

  • All Up To You: Ron deals with Monkey Fist without Kim's help, aided only by a bit of useful advice from Larry.
  • Hologram: Wade's latest gadget creates a convincing image. Unfortunately, it's just an audiovisual image, unable to actually do anything.
  • Properly Paranoid: Ron was right when he said he felt that Fiske was 'bad road'.
  • Spoiler Opening: Monkey Fist appears in the opening credits sequence from the very first episode, tipping off the viewer that Monty Fiske is actually one of the major villains.
  • Steven Ulysses Perhero/That Man Is Dead: After showing his true colors, Monty Fiske dubs himself "Monkey Fist", an anagram of his original name.
  • This Is Reality: Subverted. When Kim realizes that Ron is in a dangerous situation without her to back him up, she loses her cool and blows up at Larry when he says he has an idea:
    Kim: I don't know what to do. If I was there I could help him....
    Larry: Give it [the Kimmunicator] to me; I have an idea.
    Kim: This isn't one of your stupid science fiction games, Larry! Ron's facing a kung-fu mutant with bioengineered hands and mystical monkey power and...
    (she pauses a moment thinking about what she just said, then hands Larry the Kimmunicator)
  • Two-Timer Date: Wade's hologram projector solves Kim's scheduling conflict. At first, it seems that she sent the hologram to keep Larry company, but it turns out that Wade actually sent the hologram along with Ron while Kim kept her commitment to Larry. Worse, he did this on his own initiative without telling Kim. It seemed like a good idea when they thought the mission was just talking to a friendly archaeologist....