Ron takes Kim to Middleton Mall to see his favorite wrestler, Steel Toe, at a Global Wrestling Alliance event, but Kim is not a fan of wrestling and goes off to Club Banana. There she hits it off with Monique, the salesgirl, and finds that she'll soon be starting school at Middleton High. When the GWA rally gets out of control, Kim saves the day and is awarded two passes to the upcoming "Mayhem in Middleton," from GWA promoter Jackie Oaks, but she gives them to Ron and goes to an exhibit on Cleopatra at the local museum with Monique, during which, a thief makes off with an amulet.

Ron meanwhile, finds that Kim has been spending more time with Monique than him and begins to believe their friendship is over. When Kim blows off the wrestling show to go with Monique to a coffee shop, Ron & Rufus go themselves. Ron has a chance to meet Steel Toe backstage and is recruited to retrieve his idol's glasses, only to find Jackie, who turns out to be the aforementioned thief, using the stolen amulet and an ancient papyrus to transform himself into a humanoid jackal.

[[ThatManIsDead Now calling himself "the Jackal"]] the villain interrupts the wrestling match and shows off his new powers. Kim, meanwhile is surprised to learn Monique is a wrestling fan, and learns from Wade that when the amulet is combined with a spell from an ancient papyrus, could give the user the power of Anubis. Recalling that the GWA was previously in Chicago, where the papyrus was recently stolen, Kim rushes to the arena and helps battle the Jackal. With Steel Toe & Pain King's help, our heroes uses Rufus to relieve Jackie of the amulet, restoring him to normal. With the crisis over, Ron & Monique eventually bond over their love of wrestling & Bueno Nacho, while Kim comments that [[Film/{{Casablanca}} "I think this is the beginning of a very weird friendship."]]
!!This episode provides examples of:
* ArgumentOfContradictions: Pain King and Steel Toe exchange [[TrashTalk taunts]] for the benefit of the fans:
-->'''Ron:''' Wrestling is more than two guys beating on each other. It's also a war of words.\\
'''Pain King:''' You're going down!\\
'''Steel Toe:''' [[NoYou No, you're going down!]]\\
'''Pain King:''' No, ''you're'' going down!\\
'''Steel Toe:''' No, '''you're''' going down!\\
'''Kim:''' [[DeadpanSnarker Yeah, they're poets.]]
* BlowYouAway: One of the Jackal's abilities is to summon powerful gusts of wind.
* ComicallyMissingThePoint:
--> '''Ron:''' ''(offering Monique a doughnut)'' Bear claw?
--> '''Monique:''' No thanks, I'm a vegetarian.
--> '''Ron:''' I'm pretty sure it's imitation bear.
--> '''Kim:''' [[DontExplainTheJoke She's joking Ron]].
* DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment: Three examples, all from Ron. "These are backstage passes! You can go backstage with backstage passes, where the backstage is!"
** "Hey, let's go back to your house and watch wrestling so we can get psyched to watch wrestling!"
*** "Seeing a pattern here Rufus; Kim does her thing, I do my thing, and pretty soon, we're doing different things."
* EyeBeams: Another of the Jackal's abilities.
* FlatWhat: Kim gives a hilarious one when she learns that Monique is into wrestling.
* MeanCharacterNiceActor: Pain King and Steel Toe [[HamToHamCombat bluster at each other]] like archenemies in front of the fans, and chat casually like good friends backstage.
* MeaningfulName: PlayedForLaughs; Steel Toe doesn't actually have steel toes, that's just a publicity gimmick...his actual toes are made of titanium.
* TheNapoleon: Jackie, as his short stature is the reason no one takes his desire to wrestle or his evil nature seriously.
* NoodleIncident: Kim tells Monique about a time that she saved a desert prince from a death squad while the back of her skirt was caught in her underwear the whole time.
--> '''Kim:''' I could've died! And he almost did.
* PaletteSwap: The outfit Kim wears to the museum show is a pink & green recolor of her usual casual outfit.
* ProWrestlingEpisode: One of the few in WesternAnimation.
* SadlyMythtaken: The talisman plot uses the common error of treating Anubis like a malevolent demonic figure. In actual Egyptian mythology, he was simply the guide who escorted the souls of the dead to the afterlife.
* ThatManIsDead: "I am no longer Jackie! [[EvilIsHammy I am now, the Jackal!]]