Recap / Kim Possible S 1 E 11 Coach Possible

When Mr. Possible accidentally injures himself at JP Bearymore's Pizza Party-torium, Kim is recruited to replace him as the coach of Jim & Tim's soccer team. However, her perfectionism (which Ron calls her "natural competitive Kim-ness") causes her to train the players hard, ruining their enjoyment of the game.

Meanwhile, Senor Senior Sr. is allowing his son Junior to plot their evil caper, which involves stealing the animatronics from JP Bearymore's (which Kim was earlier unable to stop). Junior plans to use them as dancers for his new nightclub, but Senior, disliking the plan, modifies the club disco ball to hypnotize people, planning to use it on Europe's elite to be named "king of everything."

Kim & Ron show up to stop the villains, but are hypnotized into becoming dancers for the club, until Wade manages to put sunglasses on them to block the ball's ray. However, Senior has modified the animatronics, and they attack our heroes, until Kim uses them to destroy the disco ball, freeing the guests, although the Seniors escape. Back on the soccer field, Kim is fired as coach and replaced by JP Bearymore.

This episode provides examples of: