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Recap: Justice League S 2 E17- 18 Secret Society
Gorilla Grodd puts together a society of supervillains consisting of himself, Shade, Giganta, Killer Frost, Clayface, and Sinestro. Meanwhile, the Justice League struggles to stay together with team-building exercises.


  • Action Girl: Notably, Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl. But Ice and Giganta have a few good scenes.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: After the League breaks up, Flash spends a whole night unsuccessfully trying to find Shade. It ends with him dangling one of Shade's goons out of a skyscraper window, and by this time Flash has gotten fed up.
    Thug: (unafraid) Who do you think you are—Batman?
    Flash: It's been a long night. Just tell me where Shade is, okay?
    Thug: Look, buddy, I know Batman. I once ratted out a counterfeiter to Batman. And believe me, you are no Bat— (Flash suddenly drops him)maaaAAAAAAHHHHHH!
  • Evil Plan: Grodd releases Clayface from several hazardous waste containers to be the sixth member of the team.
  • Five-Bad Band: the Secret Society, natch.
  • Kill It with Ice: Killer Frost. Grodd specifically says he recruited her so she would have ample opportunity to kill.
  • Tranquil Fury: When Flash is sufficiently aggravated, he won't show it (usually). However...
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