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Recap: Inspector Spacetime NS S1 E8 "Mother's Day"
Lily: I'm to blame for this.
Patricia: No, darling. I'm your mother. Being to blame is my job.

Lily inveigles the Inspector to take her back to the day her mother was killed. She only wants to watch and promises not to touch anything, she swears. After freezing up and failing to walk up to her lone mother, Lily tries Take 2, but ends up running in front of her and the Inspector's past selves and pushing her mother out of the way of the oncoming bus.

As a result of this massive paradox, Time Flies break through, consuming everything in sight, and everyone rushes into an recently-built office block for protection as the Inspector tries to find a way to make things right.

Patricia realizes she's Lily's mom, and explains it to her father, then accidentally makes everything even worse by giving Lily the baby-her to hold, breaking the already temporary protection given to them by the office block they're hiding in. She eventually realizes that she was meant to be killed by the bus, and she walks outside and lets it hit her. Lily runs to her side and stays with her.

We get one last scene with Jack Taylor showing a young Lily a photo album, telling her about the day Patricia died, and talking about the blonde girl who held her hand as she died.

One of the more emotional episodes of Inspector Spacetime, if you couldn't tell.

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