Recap / Ink City S 2 Revenge Is A Dish Best Served With Chips

The trip into the woods ended badly in more ways than one. Despite her leadership, Heloise discovered that Mordecai and Benson hadn't forgotten or forgiven what she'd done to them... and were willing to kill her once the opportunity came up. Since being fed to a giant plant is a rather unpleasant way to die, this left Heloise in an EXTREMELY bad mood and with a lasting grudge against them.

To make matters worse, when Jimmy himself showed up in Ink City, they told him what she'd done. They'd turned him against her, however briefly. And though he'd ultimately decided their friendship shouldn't be thrown aside even though she'd done something horrible... Even though Jimmy still cared about her...

...Well. Jimmy was gone now. And at least some of the time she could've spent with him was lost forever because they'd DARED to tattle on her.

And what does an evil scientist do when she’s mad? She gets EVEN in the worst way she could think of.

With this goal, Heloise sneaks into the Regular Home, and kidnaps Rigby after a brief struggle. After hauling him to her lab, she proceeds to perform a lobotomy on him, without anesthesia, and laughing at his screams of pain the whole time.

The purpose of the lobotomy was to implant a small chip inside Rigby’s brain, which when turned on took over his mind and left him helpless to fight against Heloise’s orders:

Heloise: Your mission is to kill Mordecai the Blue Jay. Get him alone, and when you do, stop at nothing to kill him in the most horrible, gruesome, and miserable way possible! Until then though, act like you normally would. Don't seem like there's anything out of the ordinary, so that he doesn't suspect you're under my control until it's too late! Tell him you wanna hang out, have some quality best friend time or something. And when you two are all alone together... KILL HIM!! Understood?

Rigby repeats his orders and leaves the lab, sobbing inside his head the whole way.

In spite of a few meetings with several friends and acquaintances, Rigby makes his way back to the Regular House, and finds Mordecai. He asks Mordecai if he wants to play video games, and when Mordecai agrees, goes into the kitchen and comes out with a knife.

A fight ensues, with Mordecai yelling at Rigby to explain even as he defends himself, but naturally Rigby cannot respond.

Finally Benson hears the commotion, rushes in, and is able to pull Rigby off Mordecai and keep him contained. Convinced that the real Rigby would never do such a thing, they decide that whatever's attacking them must be a mutated ink monster. Once he's tied up, Mordecai goes to patch up his wounds, while Benson... goes and gets a chainsaw. A quick cut, and Rigby dissolves into ink, leaving the two of them wondering WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT, even as Rigby crawls out of the Ink Well…

And screams. The scream of a utterly broken, traumatized raccoon.

Naturally, the shrieking attracts attention. One by one, others start learning exactly what happened to him... and the news hits hard. Yakko isn't too thrilled to hear what Hely's done, and starts plotting his own brand of revenge... Warner style. Megamind, upon hearing what happened, renouces his supervillain status. Edgeworth offers him a place to stay, along with his friends.

And Mordecai and Benson...? They don't take the Awful Truth well. But rather than regretting their revenge upon Heloise, they're more convinced than ever that she has to be dealt with. One way or another...

This Event includes examples of (YMMV Tropes are located here):

  • Break the Cutie: Rigby was already broken up pretty bad thanks to what happened in the forest, but THIS...
  • Do Not Adjust Your Set: Before kidnapping Rigby, Heloise sends a video to everyone in Ink City where she hints at her plan and tries to spread paranoia and distrust, laughing cruelly. However, the video doesn't play automatically; it just shows up in everyone's playlists and has to to activated by the viewer.
  • Even Evil Has Standards:
    • Megamind states that he's giving up supervillainy simply because he doesn't want to be lumped in with Heloise.
    • Played with through Nny: he tries to cheer Rigby up, despite having attempted to murder him himself before. When he finds out what happened, he mentions he was already planning to kill Heloise, and knowing she won't be missed just makes it better.
  • It's All About Me: Who cares if those two had reasons to want revenge on hernote ? That's not about to stop her from inflicting even worse horrors upon them.
  • It's All My Fault:
    • Rigby blames himself for not being able to fight off the chip or do anything to stop himself. His friends try to convince him otherwise.
    • While Benson blames Heloise, he also feels guilty for dispatching Rigby in such a way. He also mentally notes the irony of telling Rigby "It's not your fault" — something he never thought he'd say back home.
  • Kick the Dog: When he sees Rigby crying after coming out of the Well, Ren starts laughing at him. Once he finds out he died, though, he clumsily attempts to comfort him.
  • Revenge by Proxy: While her ultimate goal is to kill Mordecai, Heloise sees nothing wrong with torturing Rigby as much as possible along the way.
  • Tranquil Fury: When Yakko finds out why Rigby was acting strange, he goes straight into this.
  • What Measure Is a Non-Human?: Benson is able to dispatch the mind-controlled Rigby because he thinks it's just an ink monster who's somehow taken his form. It's still emotionally draining for him, and when he learns it wasn't some mindless creature...