Recap: In Our Hearts And Hooves

A little recap page for the roleplay In Our Hearts And Hooves.

    When Worlds Collide 
  • A fall morning in Equestria, Twilight Sparkle is on her way to Carousel Boutique.
  • Discord's final spell, cast from the basement of Canterlot Castle, tears down the borders of between Equestria and other worlds and pull in the residents of those worlds, turned into ponies.
  • Burns-His-Foes, Dragonborn of Skyrim, appears.
  • Satori of Gensokyo appears in Carousel Boutique, blowing part of it apart in the process along with countless other buildings in Ponyville destroyed by the arrival of other outside ponies.
  • Burns-His-Foes arrives at Carousel Boutique and aids by healing the downed Satori.
  • Barney Stinson appears and also makes his way to Carousel Boutique. Her flirts ineffectively with Rarity.
  • Daring Do is exploring Everfree Forest.
  • Rainbow Dash notices the outside ponies falling from the sky, including Beta Ray Bill and attempts to alert Twilight, but she is not in her library.
  • Daring Do makes her way into the ruins where Nightmare Moon was fought.
  • Rattlesnake Jake appears in Everfree Forest.
  • Marvin The Paranoid Android appears in Sugarcube Corner.
  • Derek 'Frost' Westbrook appears.
  • Pinkie Pie meets Marvin. Rainbow Dash flies here next, and the three ponies go to Carousel Boutique.
  • 'Frost' makes his way to Ponyville Library and learns as much about the native ponies as he can.
  • Satori recovers and bamboozles the ponies in Carousel Boutique with her mind reading powers.
  • Fluttershy meets Beta Ray Bill. Rattlesnake Jake watches from a distance, Rainbow Dash flies over to 'save' Fluttershy, followed by Burns-His-Foes.
  • The Bad Company appears in Everfree. They meet with Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Beta Ray Bill.
  • Spike directs 'Frost' to Twilight, where he admits that he is an outsider.
  • At roughly the same time, the Bad Company comes to the same conclusion.
  • Derpy Hooves derps her way into Carousel Boutique.
  • The rest of the day and night are spent repairing Ponvyille from the damages it has incurred during the arrival of the outsiders.

    Canterlot Nights 
  • The Mayor sends a group of delegates to Canterlot to alert Princess Celestia to the situation of the outsiders.
  • Rattlesnake Jake kidnaps and eats a few of Fluttershy's pets.
  • Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy attempt to track the missing animals, find Jake.
  • Eddie Riggs crash lands onto Ponyville Train Station.
  • Hope Esthiem also crash lands at the Station.
  • A confrontation between Rainbow Dash and Rattlesnake Jake.
  • 'Frost' joins the fray in Everfree, Jake and 'Frost' come to terms, apologies are made, and a tentative peace is reached.
  • The train for Canterlot is boarded by all.
  • Disembarking in Canterlot.
  • The gentry of Canterlot become rowdy at the presence of the outsider ponies. Luna intervenes and escorts the group to Canterlot Castle.
  • The group is introduced to Celstia on her throne.
  • Twilight returns to her library via teleportation, needing notes for some reason or another.
  • Celestia acknowledges that she does not understand what has happened, but calls on the group to check the dungeons beneath the castle. They agree, and Luna escorts them while Celestia retires to her library to research.
  • Discord is revealed to have been awakened. A battle rapidly breaks out.
    • Burns-His-Foes attempts to use the Dragonrend shout, which does nothing to Discord and incapacitates Luna. Discord responds with his own nonsense shout.
    • Fluttershy is taken hostage. Derpy's hat is similarly taken hostage.
    • After a pointless engagement in which Discord is not even remotely harmed, he delivers his ultimatum, the delivery of Celestia to himself.
    • Discord takes Eddie hostage, thus returning Fluttershy. Luna then uses a powerful spell to enable the group to escape.
    • Ivan Drago appears among the ponies of the group.
    • Pinkie and Twilight reunite, along with Satori and Marlowe of Bad Company, who were sent to warn Celestia.
    • Eight Star appears directly in Celestia's library.
    • Twilight and Marlowe break into the library and warn Celestia.
    • Discord breaks the spell and engages the ponies who stayed behind: Eddie, Beta, and Sweetwater. Chocolate Rain begins to flood the castle.