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Recap: High School DD
A story recap of the Highschool DXD light-novel series which details each volume and the tropes contained within.

Warning! Recap pages do not get spoiler tags. All spoilers on these pages will be unmarked.

Story Sagas

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     The Red Dragon Emperor's Awakening 

  • Volume 1: Diabolus of the Old School Building
  • Volume 2: Phoenix of the Battle School Building

     Birth of the Breast Dragon Emperor 

  • Volume 3: Excalibur of the Moonlit Schoolyard
  • Volume 4: Vampire of the Suspended Classroom
  • Volume 5: Hellcat of the Underworld Training Camp
  • Volume 6: Holy Behind the Gymnasium

     The Heroic Oppai Dragon 

  • Volume 7: Ragnarok After School
  • Volume 9: Pandemonium at the School Trip
  • Volume 10: Lion Heart of the School Festival
  • Volume 11: Uroboros and the Promotion Test
  • Volume 12: Heroes of Supplementary Lessons

     The Legend of Oppai Dragon and his Lively Companions 

  • Volume 14: Wizards of Career Counseling
  • Volume 16: Daywalker of the Extracurricular Lesson
  • Volume 17: Valkyrie of the Teacher Training

     Side Stories 

  • Volume 8: Devil's Job
  • Volume 13: Ise SOS
  • Volume 15: Dark Knight of the Sunny-spot

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