Recap / Haven S 1 E 11 The Trial Of Audrey Parker

Audrey, Julia, and Duke play poker with his friends Ezra Colbert and Tobias Blaine on Duke's boat. Audrey wins, but Duke checks Ezra's hand and finds that he had a full house. Ezra explains that since he won several times in a row already, he decided to be a gentleman and let Audrey get some money back.

At the station, the Chief invites Nathan to dinner in the hopes of getting some much needed father-son bonding time. Nathan accepts, but then Audrey's boss Agent Howard walks in and asks where he can find Audrey. Nathan, not trusting him, denies that he knows where she is, but the Chief tells him she is at Duke's boat. After Howard leaves, Nathan angrily asks why he did that. The Chief dismissively says that Audrey can take care of herself. Nathan storms out.

As Duke offers a toast, Audrey checks her cellphone and finds that Nathan had been trying to call her (amusingly, Duke jokingly refers to Nathan as Audrey's wife, and Ezra and Tobias take this literally before Audrey corrects them), just as Agent Howard boards.

Audrey and Howard go to a room below deck so they can talk in private. He says that he's come to find out what is going on, because her vacation time is almost up, yet she hasn't contacted him in ages. She apologizes and explains that she's gotten a job in Haven PD, and she's been having cases one after another, so she can't leave just yet. He asks her to describe these cases, and she briefly describes some of her previous adventures from the past 10 episodes. She's surprised that he doesn't look surprised. He pulls some lie detector equipment out of his case and points out that Haven PD's official police reports do not mention any supernatural activity. Suddenly, they realize they have been locked in.

Nathan tries to call Audrey without success. The Chief walks up with some food. Nathan says that he has just realized that the Chief knew all along that the Troubles were coming, and asks why he didn't warn him. The Chief says that Nathan has never listened to him, and then tells him to forget it.

Duke starts losing to Ezra again, and Ezra insists that he's going to win the eleventh hand in a row. His prediction proves true but Ezra offers to double the pot if he'll stay. He insists that Duke has something he wants, but won't explain what. Duke agrees to play and asks what they want.

Audrey tries her cell phone but realizes she has no reception inside of the ship. Howard demands answers from her first and warns her to stop avoiding his questions. He then asks her to report on the case where Duke started aging to death.

After Duke loses again, he invites Julia to come with him as he retrieves his hidden stash of money to pay Ezra's winnings. However, as they get to the stash, Ezra and Tobias lock them in, then take over the ship. Duke says that he anticipated this, which is why he didn't want to leave Julia alone with them. He pulls two shotguns out of a concealed space in the wall.

Audrey and Agent Howard realize that the boat is heading out to sea. Audrey breaks open a porthole and extends her cell phone outside, but realizes that they're too far from land. She gets an idea.

Nathan puts out an alert, as Audrey hasn't reported in a while. The Chief dismisses his concerns, but he insists that something is wrong. Nathan gets Audrey's laptop and figures out the password: "lucy".

Audrey sends a text, puts her cell phone in a jar, tapes it tight, and throws it into the water in the hopes it will drift back and send the message to Nathan.

Duke opens a secret panel in the wall, but finds Tobias on the other side. Duke tries to shoot him, but Tobias explains that he and Ezra found his guns earlier and removed the bullets. Duke is shocked because he built the secret panels and compartments into the boat himself and never told anyone. Julia wonders what his line of work is and Duke says that he buys and delivers things, and he doesn't care what's in them. She isn't satisfied with his answer, but Duke insists that what he smuggles is none of his business or hers.

While Audrey and Agent Howard wait, he tells her to continue reporting. She explains that the people with the power are the Troubled, and that she can't arrest them. Howard points out that they've committed crimes and they have laws, but Audrey explains she can't arrest a man because his shadow kills someone, or because music drives someone insane. Howard tells her to take them out of circulation and leave the moral issues to the lawyers.

The cell phone drifts close enough to Haven to send an SOS to Nathan. He calls the Coast Guard.

Audrey realizes that Duke must have secret panels in every room of his boat. Howard scolds her for being friends with a criminal. Audrey defends Duke and finds the panel, allowing her to escape, while Howard chooses to stay behind.

Nathan uses Audrey's laptop to look up FBI files. He learns that Ezra and Tobias (who he briefly met before the poker games started) have criminal records. He wants to join the search, but the Chief tells him to wait.

The two criminals explain to Duke and Julia that Ezra's Trouble is that he can read minds (which is how he kept winning at poker and how they found Duke's guns), but he hasn't perfected it. They want a box that Duke had recently agreed to smuggle. Duke suddenly realizes that the boat has sprung a leak and will sink in a few hours.

Since they are running out of time, they order Duke to tell them where the box is, but he refuses on a matter of principle. Ezra tries to read his mind, but Duke tries to throw him off by thinking of something else. They beat him up, but it is only when they threaten Julia that his mental resolve crumbles and Ezra reads the location of the box.

Tobias calls their employer and tells them that they're heading for the rendezvous with the box, but might have to set off in a dinghy if the boat sinks. After he leaves, Audrey calls Nathan on the radio. He informs her of Ezra and Tobias' criminal record and warns her to be careful. The Chief dismissively says she will be fine and Nathan calls him out about how casual he's treating this situation. They bring up how ever since his wife/Nathan's mother died, they've never seen eye-to-eye on anything.

Julia watches as the water starts to flood the compartment hold where she's tied up. Howard sees the water flooding into the stateroom.

Audrey finds Duke and unties him. Duke warns her about Ezra's Trouble and how the boat is slowly sinking. Audrey gets an idea.

Duke confronts the criminals, who pull their guns on him. Duke suddenly starts making extremely bizarre and chaotic movements. Confused, Tobias asks Ezra what he is doing, but Ezra says in shock that he can't read his mind. Audrey is hidden and feeding Duke instructions via earpiece. She orders Duke to strip to his underwear, while trying not to burst into laughter. Duke reluctantly complies. Tobias is disgusted, while Ezra has a nervous breakdown because his ability has seemingly failed him. Duke uses this distraction to rush Tobias and steal his gun, while Audrey does the same with Ezra. The criminals surrender.

The boat makes it back to Haven and the two criminals are arrested. Nathan is relieved Audrey is okay. Duke apologizes to Julia for her ordeal but she angrily walks away.

Agent Howard asks Audrey to return to Boston, but she says her work in Haven is too important. She hands over her FBI badge and says that she's quitting the FBI and remaining a member of Haven PD indefinitely.

Duke contemplates the box, but decides not to look inside. He calls his Japanese client and says that the box is ready to be picked up, but that he's charging extra.

Agent Howard secretly meets with the Chief. Howard reports that Audrey has decided to stay in Haven. The Chief says that is good, because Haven needs her more than ever. Howard orders him to get Haven under control, and soon.