Recap / Haven S 1 E 10 The Hand Youre Dealt

Duke tells Audrey that his memories of Lucy Ripley and of the Colorado Kid murder are very fuzzy. He recognizes a girl in the background of the photo as Vanessa Stanley, his old babysitter, and suggests they ask her. She has become a guidance counselor for the high school. They visit her at the school and Duke is overwhelmed at how attractive she is (she is now in her forties). Audrey shows her the photo and tries to ask her about Lucy, but she says that her memories are fuzzy too.

As Audrey and Duke leave, two students named Matt West and Xander start fighting and Vanessa breaks it up. As they walk away, Vanessa moans in pain and doubles over. The boys start fighting again and Carlene Manning, the principal, breaks it up. Carlene berates the still in pain Vanessa for just standing there. She apologizes for being ill, but Carlene scoffs and goes to the parking lot. Suddenly, Vanessa frantically calls her on her cellphone and begs her not to get into her car. The principal scoffs and gets in, and the car explodes, killing her.

Nathan is unhappy because they're not allowed the investigate the car explosion. Julia Carr, who has taken her dead mother's job, says there was no sign of foul play. Julia invites Audrey for a drink.

Later, Audrey and Duke meet Morris Crane, the man who took the photo. They try to ask him about Lucy, but he confuses them by spouting a bizarre story about men with lobster claws for hands, then the elderly and obese man starts stripping. Disgusted, they leave, realizing that the man has probably become senile. Audrey calls Nathan, who is checking Carlene's phone records. Nathan experimentally jabs himself with a plastic fork, and is disappointed when he doesn't feel it.

Duke tries to ask Vanessa out, but she says she can't.

Audrey and Julia have drinks and Audrey admits that Eleanor was unique. Julia admits that her mother lived with the Troubles, and died from it, and never budged on anything. They share a toast and then Julia offers Audrey her mother's autopsy notes on the Colorado Kid murder. Audrey is surprised to learn that Eleanor worked the case, and Julia explains her mother was probably waiting for Audrey to earn it.

Vanessa goes to the swim club but a staff member says it's almost closing time and asks her to leave. She doubles over in pain again. She watches in horror from a distance as the pool boils with Xander in it, killing him.

Nathan, Audrey, and Julia investigate. Julia complains that bizarre deaths are why she left Haven in the first place. Audrey suspects that Xander and Carlene's deaths are connected. Nathan agrees and shakes her hand, shuddering when he feels it. Audrey asks if he's okay, and he lies and says that the smell of the chlorine is getting to him.

The next day, Nathan talks to Brian, the boy who was there with Xander, and Brian admits that there was a woman there. Duke arrives to meet with Audrey, who is out on the investigation, and asks Nathan if it's odd to be attracted to one's former babysitter. He notices the sketch artist drawing a sketch of the woman at the pool and realizes that it's Vanessa.

Julia and Audrey go over Eleanor's files and find information about a series of mysterious fires. They speculate that a pyrokinetic is responsible and Audrey agrees to check it out.

Duke invites Vanessa to The Grey Gull. She asks about his criminal activities as a smuggler, and he hedges his answer. He then asks her why Nathan has a sketch of her face. She refuses to discuss it and leaves, bumping into some men, and then moans in pain. When Duke tries to help her, she warns that he can't and says that "it's coming."

Audrey recognizes the sketch as Vanessa. Nathan and Audrey go to her house and are surprised to find Duke there. He explains that he had to find her because something is wrong. Inside, the walls are covered with papers depicting death and destruction. Audrey finds a list of names, and two of them are crossed off: Carlene Manning and Xander. Nathan suggests it is a hit list, and Duke tries to defend Vanessa. Audrey notes that the next name on the list is Matt West. They decide to find him before Vanessa does.

They catch up to Vanessa, who has followed Matt to a party, and call on her to surrender. She explains that she's not trying to kill Matt, she's trying to save him. She doubles over in pain and says that a propane tank at the party is going to explode.

The other kids at the party make fun of Matt. He gets into a fight with Brian as Duke and the others arrive. They evacuate everyone and throw the propane tank into the pool. After a few seconds, they start feeling silly, but then the tank explodes.

Later, Vanessa explains that her Trouble is that she can see how people will die, and that the visions are painful. She says that she has been trying to prevent the deaths but failed every time, lamenting that fate cannot be changed. Audrey points out that they successfully saved the kids at the party, and promises to help save the others she has seen. Vanessa says that recently she's seen a lot of people die in a fire, but the visions were too vague for her to gather much useful information.

Nathan vaguely talks to Duke about a person he can feel, and wonders if it is fate for them to be together. Duke misunderstands and thinks he's talking about Jess instead of Audrey.

Vanessa tells Audrey that she remembers one important thing from 27 years ago. She saw how the Colorado Kid would die. A man with a circular maze tattoo on his left forearm killed him. Audrey thanks her.

Nathan and Duke go over the illustrations of Vanessa's visions. Nathan realizes that the great fire she saw will happen at a drive-in theater, and that Matt will cause it.

They go to the theater. Matt tries to asks a girl out but she rejects him.

The group evacuates the area as fires erupt out of the ground. They find Matt, who is very angry. They realize that he's causing the fires with his mind and tell him this, trying to get him to calm down. However, Matt is elated to discover that he has a Trouble, and laughs that he finally has the power to get revenge on anyone who made fun of him. Vanessa tries to calm him down, but he triggers an explosion and she gets caught in it. Duke frantically carries her to safety. Nathan and Audrey draw their guns, but Matt superheats their guns to force them to drop them (since Nathan couldn't feel the heat, Audrey had to tell him to drop his gun before his hands are destroyed). Audrey gets an idea and taunts Matt, claiming that even with his power, he's pathetic. Matt loses control and explodes. Audrey is mournful about how she just killed a kid, but Nathan says that she had no choice.

Vanessa is dying from her injuries. She says its okay, it is how she saw her own death. With her last strength, she whispers into Duke's ear.

Nathan, Audrey, Duke, and Julia meet at The Grey Gull. Audrey is sad that they couldn't save Matt or Vanessa. Nathan warns her that she could go crazy trying to anticipate the future or determine what might have caused the past. They agree with him and share a drink, and then Audrey asks Duke what Vanessa told him. Duke says that Vanessa saw how he would die: a man with a circular maze tattoo on his left forearm will kill him. Surprised, Audrey shares that Vanessa saw the same thing about the Colorado Kid's death. Nathan realizes something and sketches the tattoo. He explains that they found the tattoo on Phil Reiser's body a month ago (see the episode "Ball and Chain"). There must be more men with the tattoo. Duke declares that he plans to survive. If a man with a tattoo tries to kill him, he will kill them first.