Recap / Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban C 17 Cat Rat And Dog

Following the apparent beheading, Harry decides to go back to comfort Hagrid, but Ron stops him, saying that he'll only get Hagrid in more trouble. And then the dung starts to hit the fan: Crookshanks shows up, Scabbers manages to escape Ron's grip and try to run for it, and the big black dog decides to join the party, dragging Ron and Scabbers down through a gap in the roots of the Whomping Willow. Harry and Hermione try to follow, but the tree proves to be as violent as ever and doesn't let them pass, until Crookshanks of all people runs in and touches a knot on the Willow's roots, causing it to freeze up and stop attacking. Harry's not surprised that Crookshanks knows about that feature of the tree, recalling that Crookshanks has been hanging out with that black dog all year.

Harry and Hermione follow Crookshanks through the gap in the roots, discovering that it leads into the secret passage that Fred and George mentioned back in Chapter Ten, the one that no-one's been able to enter because of the Whomping Willow. Heading down it, they find themselves in a dusty and run-down room with boarded-up windows and smashed furniture. Hermione deduces that they're in the Shrieking Shack, to which Harry notes that the damage to the place hasn't been inflicted by ghosts. Remembering Ron, they head upstairs and find him and Crookshanks in an old bedroom, seemingly safe. But then...

"Harry, it's a trap." Ron moans. "He's the dog...he's an Animagus". Harry and Hermione turn round, and see none other than Sirius Black standing behind them. He wastes no time disarming Harry and Hermione, and remarks that Harry's actions - rushing into danger to save his friend rather than running to a teacher - are the same as what Harry's father would have done for him. Harry is not amused and goes for Sirius, only for Hermione to stop him. She doesn't manage to hold him for long, and after a fierce struggle between everyone in the room, Harry has Sirius held at wandpoint.

Sirius asks Harry if he's going to kill him. Harry states that Sirius killed his parents. Sirius doesn't deny it, but he insists that there's more to the story. Harry claims that all he needs to know is that Sirius sold his parents to Voldemort, and gave him the memory of his mother pleading for mercy on his behalf. When it comes time for him to do the deed however, Harry's nerve stops him from killing Sirius, and all of a sudden, we hear footsteps. Soon afterwards, Lupin bursts into the room, and wastes no time in getting Harry away from Black.

"Where is he, Sirius?" Lupin asks the man. After a few seconds, Sirius points at Ron. "But then why hasn't he shown himself before now?" Lupin wonders. And all of a sudden, he realises something. "Unless...unless he was the one...unless you switched...without telling me?" The trio are understandably confused at this point, but just as Harry asks for an explanation, Lupin pulls Sirius to his feet and embraces him. This prompts a wave of fury from both Hermione and Harry, Hermione claiming that she's been keeping something of Lupin's secret, while Harry states that he trusted Lupin. Lupin tries to explain, but is cut off by Hermione, who claims that Lupin has been helping Sirius infiltrate the castle, that he wants Harry dead, and that he's a werewolf. The room goes silent, and Lupin goes pale.

"Not at all up to your usual standard, Hermione." he says, before explaining that she was only right about one of those: Lupin has not been helping Sirius or wanting Harry dead. "But I won't deny that I am a werewolf." he finishes. With his prompting, Hermione reveals that she's known ever since she did Snape's essay, which it turns out Snape had set in the hope that someone would discover Lupin's true nature, and that she noticed a few other signs: Lupin was always ill on nights of the full moon, and that silvery orb the Boggart turned into when faced with Lupin was a full moon.

Lupin declares Hermione to be the smartest witch of her age he's ever met. Hermione replies that if she was, she'd have told everyone the truth about Lupin, to which he responds that everyone, or at least every member of the Hogwarts staff, already knows. Lupin admits that his hiring was controversial; Dumbledore had to work hard to convince some teachers that they could trust Lupin, to which Harry states that Dumbledore was wrong, seeing how Lupin's been helping Sirius all this time. Lupin again declares his innocence, and in an attempt to placate them, gives the trio their wands back.

Harry asks Lupin how he knew Sirius was in the Shrieking Shack if he wasn't working with him. Lupin answers that he saw them in the Marauder's Map; not only does he know how to use it, he's Moony, one of the people who created the map in the first place. He explains that he had anticipated that the trio would go and visit Hagrid before Buckbeak's execution, and observed their progress on the map, even when they were under the invisibility cloak.

And from there, we start approaching the big plot twist(s) of the book. Lupin claims that after they left Hagrid's hut, they were accompanied back to the castle by someone else. Someone Lupin never expected to be with them. Over the trio's protests that no-one else was with them, Lupin reveals that he saw Sirius drag Ron and this person under the Whomping Willow, before asking if he can have a look at Scabbers.

Ron asks what Scabbers has to do with anything. "Everything." Lupin replies. Ron asks how his rat can have anything to do with the current events, to which Sirius states that Scabbers isn't a rat, and is seconded by Lupin, who explains that he's a wizard. "An animagus. By the name of Peter Pettigrew", Sirius rfinishes.