Recap / Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix C 37 The Lost Prophecy

Harry returns to Hogwarts (in Dumbledore's Office, to be exact) via Portkey, while Dumbledore appraises Fudge with details of what happened in the Ministry and what he should have done the

Dumbledore arrives shortly, and Harry begins to suffer a Heroic B.S.O.D.

Dumbledore decides that the time is ripe for him to tell the whole truth as of why Voldemort tired to kill him

It turns out that the events that set the story in motion is due to a Prophecy made shortly after Harry was born, telling that the one with the power to defeat Voldemort is a boy born at the end of July to parents who managed to defy Voldemort three times. It turns out that the criteria applied to two boys: Neville Longbottom (born on July 30 to Aurors Frank and Alice) and Harry himself (born on July 31 to Order members Lily and James), making it an Either/Or Prophecy. However, as Voldemort chose to go after him instead of Neville, Harry indeed became the boy the Prophecy was referring to, giving him the power to defeat Voldemort and the motivation to do so.