Recap / Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix C 13 Detention With Dolores

News of Harry's shouting match with Umbridge travels quickly around the school, and plenty of people don't believe him. Amid other frustrations and arguments, Harry, Ron and Hermione are wondering why on earth Dumbledore would employ someone like Umbridge. Fred and George are testing sweets that make people faint on first-year students. Hermione intervenes and tells them to stop, succeeding after threatening to tell their mother. She is also keeping up her SPEW activism. She is leaving woollen hats hidden around Gryffindor Tower, hoping to free the house elves that do the cleaning in the room. The next morning, the hats have disappeared.

For much of their lessons over the next day, teachers are emphasising the importance of OWLs. Among them is Care of Magical Creatures. The supply teacher Professor Grubby-Plank is a better teacher than Hagrid, not that the Trio would ever admit it. Malfoy taunts Harry about the absence of his friend Hagrid. Harry has an embarrassing moment when the dotty Luna Lovegood announces to him out loud that she believes his story, although it is mitigated when Ernie Macmillan also announces he believes Harry.

Harry sits his first detention with Umbridge. He has to write lines with a quill. It's a nasty invention of Umbridge; it writes in his own blood and carves "I must not tell lies." into his hand. He does not bother to mention this to Ron and Hermione, other than telling them she's making him write lines. To make things worse, the detentions take up valuable time for doing homework. For some reason, Ron has also been missing out on this time as well.

After two more days with detentions, he finds out what Ron is doing. He's practising to try out for Keeper for Gryffindor. Ron realises what Umbridge. Ron finds out what Umbridge is doing to Harry. However, Harry feels it would be pointless to report it to McGonagall or Dumbledore. On the last evening, when Umbridge examines the cuts on Harry's wrist, Harry gets a pain in his scar. He returns and tells this to Ron and Hermione and they wonder whether Umbridge is serving Voldemort. Ron reveals he has won the post of Keeper on the Gryffindor Quidditch team, although the other players have reservations about him.