Recap / Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire C 4 Back To The Burrow

It's the next day and the imminent arrival of the Weasley family is making the Dursleys very nervous. What will the neighbors think if they show up wearing wizarding robes? They'll be coming in a car, won't they? Harry doesn't care what the neighbors will think, of course, but he fears there may be trouble. Meaning, from the reader's perspective, hilarity.

But the Weasleys end up being late. Just as Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia start to complain, the Weasleys arrive. By Floo powder. Yep, hilarity is ensuing all right. Problem is, the Weasleys are now trapped inside the chimney, which is blocked up because the Dursleys own an electric fireplace. After Harry explains what's happened, Mr. Weasley blasts their way through, basically demolishing half the Dursleys' living room. The Weasleys — specifically Mr. Weasley, the twins, and Ron — tumble into the room in a cloud of soot. The Dursleys are horrified and only become more horrified when Mr. Weasley tries to act friendly. He explains how he had their fireplace connected to the Floo Network for the afternoon and that he will fix the room up with magic before he Disapparates. Mr. Weasley expresses concern about Dudley, who, remembering his last encounter with an adult wizard, is awkwardly walking around with his hands clapped over his butt.

Mr. Weasley lights a real fire in the grate so that Harry and the Weasley boys will be able to leave by Floo powder. Fred accidentally-on-purpose drops several toffees on the ground, cramming most of them back into his pocket before leaving. Once it's only Mr. Weasley and Harry left, a situation arises. Predictably enough, Dudley ate one of the toffees dropped by Fred, but it turns out the toffee was jinxed. Dudley now has an Overly Long Tongue, which is grower larger and larger. The Dursleys descend into hysterics as Mr. Weasley vainly struggles to explain that he can undo the spell. When Uncle Vernon starts hurtling his living room ornaments at them, Mr. Weasley forces Harry to leave. Harry wants to see how this will turn out, but he reluctantly complies.