Recap / Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire C 22 The Unexpected Task

McGonagall makes an announcement at the end of a lesson. The Yule Ball, a tradition of the Triwizard Tournament, is approaching. Fourth years and above are invited, although younger students can be invited as a partner for younger students. As the champions will open the dance at the ball, Harry has to find a partner and dance with them. He doesn't really fancy doing either. In fact, he reckons he would be less nervous about having to face the Horntail again. Harry gets asked out by some girls who barely know him at all. He starts to consider asking out Cho Chang.

In the last week of term, Hagrid tells them about his interview with Rita Skeeter. It seems she was looking for dirt to dig up about Harry. Hermione asks Harry if he's made any progress with the egg clue he hasn't. Meanwhile, Fred and George ask Ron if they can borrow his owl to send a letter. They still refuse to tell him what these letters are for.

Harry summons the courage to take Cho aside and ask her out to the ball. She tells him, with regret, that she's already going out with Cedric. Luckily for Harry, when he gets back to the Common Room, he finds he's not nearly as embarrassed as Ron. He asked out Fleur and can't explain why. Harry remembers that she's part-Veela, which is why she accidentally charmed Ron. Ginny says Hermione turned down Neville. Ron reckons Hermione was bluffing, but when Hermione arrives and he asks her out, she says she is indeed going out with someone else. Harry sees Parvati arrive in the Common Room and asks her out. She accepts. He then asks her for help finding a date for Ron. Lavender is already taken, but Parvati says her sister Padma might be interested.