Recap / Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows C 3 The Dursleys Departing

Well, this is it. Time to say goodbye to the Dursleys.

The Order is taking the Dursleys into hiding to protect them from Voldemort, because you just know that Harry's Chronic Hero Syndrome extends to the Dursleys in all their suckiness. Anyway, Uncle Vernon has gotten cold feet and suggests the alternative explanation that these wizards are just after 4 Privet Drive what with the state of the housing market. No doubt resisting the temptation to facepalm himself to death, Harry tries to talk sense into his uncle. Incidentally, it's revealed that the Dursleys trust Kingsley more than other wizards since they have seen him on TV with the Prime Minister. So it seems that, for all their other flaws, the Dursleys are not racist. Good for them.

Eventually, Harry wins over Dudley (and, by default, the rest of the family) with the news that there are many more dementors out there. Two Order members, Dedalus Diggle and Hestia Jones, arrive shortly thereafter. To avoid using magic in Harry's proximity while he's underage, they will have to go miles away by car before using Apparation. Uncle Vernon is very much not impressed to learn that he will have to drive since Dedalus and presumably Hestia do not know how. Just as Hestia starts to think they should allow Harry and the Dursleys to say their goodbyes in private, Uncle Vernon blurts out "well, this is good-bye then boy." He almost shakes Harry's hand, but ultimately can't bring himself to do it. As his parents prepare to step out the door, Dudley asks why Harry isn't coming with them. Hestia is outraged when it becomes apparent how little the Dursleys know about Harry's life in the wizarding world. When Harry tells her the Dursleys just think he's a waste of space, Dudley says "I don't think you're a waste of space" and then thanks Harry for saving his life two books ago. It then occurs to Harry that the cup of tea he stepped on in the previous chapter may not have been a booby trap after all.

Finally, Uncle Vernon insists they're supposed to be going. After Dudley shakes Harry's hand and leaves, Aunt Petunia finds herself alone with Harry. She quickly turns to leave, but then stops. For a moment, she looks like she wants to say something. Instead, she just continues on out the door and that's the last we see of her. Well, in the present day at least.