Recap / Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets C 3 The Burrow

Harry opens the window to talk to Ron, finding that he, Fred and George are sitting in their father's old Ford Anglia. Said Anglia is currently hovering several meters above the ground, right outside Harry's bedroom window. Understandably, Harry's more than a bit surprised.

After a quick talk about Harry's "use" of underage magic, Harry starts to ask Ron and co. to write to Hogwarts and explain his situation, but the Weasleys will have none of that, Ron explaining that they came here to rescue him. The brothers proceed to do just that with some tow cable, a lockpick, and some good old axle grease. It doesn't go as smoothly as they might have wanted: Vernon gets woken up just as they're about to leave and nearly drags Harry back through the window, but nevertheless, Harry escapes along with Hedwig and his school things.

After they release Hedwig from her cage, Harry explains about Dobby to the Weasleys. The twins definitely consider it fishy, but they suggest that Dobby was sent by one of Harry's school enemies as a petty attempt to stop him returning to Hogwarts, rather than because of something sinister happening at the school; House Elves generally require permission from their masters to use their magic. Harry wonders if Draco Malfoy was the one who sent Dobby; the twins mention the Malfoys were supposedly big supporters of Voldemort, but they can't see the family owning a House Elf. Nevertheless, they say that Dobby's masters will probably be an old and wealthy wizarding family, and casually mention that all they have is a ghoul in the attic. Harry admits to himself that he can see Draco as being in the "old and wealthy wizarding family" category.

The conversation then moves onto the subject of Ron and the twins' father, Arthur Weasley. We learn that Arthur works in the Ministry of Magic's Misuse of Muggle Artifacts office, a department with the job of removing enchantments put on Muggle objects in case they end up back in the Muggle World. Harry begins to point out the hypocrisy of Arthur having that job while owning a flying car, and Ron explains that Arthur's obsessed with Muggle stuff and seeing how it all works; he was the one who made the car fly in the first place.

As morning begins to rise, we arrive at the Weasley home; a structure that looks like a tower made of ramshackle garden sheds. Said structure is called "The Burrow", and is implied to be standing only because of magic. Harry, still Easily Impressed by all things magical, thinks that it's brilliant. The quartet park the car, but just as the twins come up with a cover story for Harry's appearance, their mother, Molly Weasley, shows up, fully aware of what they were up to last night. While Mrs Weasley is happy to see Harry, she's furious with her three sons for "borrowing" the car and nearly getting themselves killed or seen by the Muggles.

Mrs Weasley's annoyance with her kids remains evident while she serves them all breakfast, though she's nothing but nice to Harry, admitting that she and Arthur were planning to rescue him themselves. Shortly after she says the above, we see her dutiful third son Percy once again, and are introduced to her youngest child and only daughter Ginny, who we see has a huge crush on Harry, to the point that she blushes heavily and generally becomes very shy when he's around. For now, she runs off as soon as she notices him.

Still unhappy over the business with the Anglia, Mrs Weasley ropes her sons (with Harry soon joining in) into a de-gnoming, which is literally throwing gnomes - small and ugly potato-headed humanoids in this universe - out of the Weasley's garden. We also have an offhand mention of one Gilderoy Lockhart; he'll become important within the next chapter. Minor hijinks ensue, and Arthur arrives home from work shortly after they're finished, whereupon his wife wastes no time grilling him over his flying car, and the events of last night. Unfortunately for her, Arthur's not half the disciplinarian she is; the key thing he remembers from her words is the fact that Harry's here, and when she emphasizes what Ron, Fred and George did with the car, his first reaction is to ask them how it went, and she has to prod him into a half-hearted attempt at being stern with his children.

As Mrs Weasley continues to be exasperated with her husband, Ron decides to show Harry to his room, where the latter will be sleeping while he's at the Burrow, the two of them having another non-encounter with Ginny along the way. They enter Ron's room, which by his own admission is much smaller than the one Harry had at the Dursleys and right underneath the ghoul. Harry assures his friend that the Burrow's the best house he's ever been in.