Recap / Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets C 2 Dobbys Warning

This chapter begins with Harry finding a House Elf called Dobby who has come to tell Harry not to go back to school as terrible things are going to happen if he does. Dobby then let slips that he has been hiding Harry's letters when Harry asks Dobby to give the letters back to him Dobby says he will only give the letters back only if Harry says that he won't return to school. It doesn't work and Hilarity Ensues as Harry chases Dobby downstairs where the Dursleys are hosting a dinner for the Masons so Uncle Vernon can get a new business deal for his company.

Dobby uses magic to drop a cake onto the floor then vanishes like a sound of a whip. which frightens the Masons Harry then has to clean the floor of cake. Uncle Vernon looks like he can still get a signed deal from the masons if it wasn't for the owl that flies in the window and drops a letter onto Mr's Masons lap which ends the deal as Mr's Mason runs from the house screaming like a banshee. Mr Vernon then gets Harry to read the letter out loud which tells him as he should already know he is not allowed to use magic outside school as he is under-age.

Harry failed to mention to the Dursleys that he's not allowed to use magic outside school Uncle Vernon then looks Harry up in his bedroom telling him he is not going to go back to school ever again. The next night Harry gets woken up by a light outside his window, Who turns out to be Ron.