Recap / Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets C 1 The Worst Birthday

Well, it's our first Recap Chapter. Yay!

Harry is back at Privet Drive and the Dursleys are continuing to suck. After Uncle Vernon overreacts to Harry using the phrase "the magic word" (as in "please"), Harry thinks about the fact that he is a wizard and the Dursleys are Muggles for the benefit of anyone who hasn't read the first book. The Dursleys have forced Harry to keep Hedwig locked in her cage and have also locked up all of Harry's school supplies. Harry then decides to think about the physical appearance of himself and the rest of the family. After briefly recapping the main events of the first book in his head, Harry thinks about the fact that this is his twelfth birthday and the Dursleys seem to have completely forgotten it this time.

But there is one event today which the Dursleys have not forgotten. Uncle Vernon is hosting a dinner party for a rich prospective client and his wife. Harry, of course, is not invited and will be spending the party hiding away in his room or else. Harry goes outside and thinks some more about the events of the first book. He is feeling particularly lonely as he Never Got Any Letters from Ron and Hermione. But then he thinks he sees two large eyes staring at him out of the Dursleys' hedge. At this point, Dudley comes out and start teasing Harry about not having any friends at Hogwarts. Afraid that might actually be true, Harry rises to the bait and freaks Dudley out by shouting pretend magic words at him. Aunt Petunia then punishes Harry with a bunch of chores.

Finally, the Masons, the couple the Dursleys are entertaining, arrive. Harry is given a quick meal and sent upstairs. Where he finds someone already sitting on his bed.