Recap / Gravity Falls S 1 E 14 Bottomless Pit
"I spy with my little eye something that is... black!"

Grunkle Stan introduces Dipper, Mabel, and Soos to a bottomless pit, where they can throw in whatever they don't want anymore. Stan throws in Mystery Shack Suggestion Cards, while Mabel throws in old love letters from 'Lil Gideon, and a mysterious heavy crate. However, after a sudden gust of wind blows them into it, they all find themselves in the bottomless pit, where they tell three stories to pass the time until they find out what's at the bottom:

Voiceover: Dipper is tired of people making fun of his squeaky voice, so he decides to get a new one from Old Man McGucket.

Soos’ Really Great Pinball Story: Is That a Good Title? Do They Have to Be Puns or Whatever?: While playing a game of pinball with Mabel and Dipper, Soos decide to cheat by tilting the machine itself. However, they soon find themselves trapped in the game.

Trooth Ache: Mabel thinks Stan should tell the truth more, so she uses a magical set of dentures that make its wearer always tell exactly what they're thinking.

Tropes in this episode: