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[[folder:Season 1]]
!!Season One (April 17th, 2011 through June 19th, 2011)
[[caption-width-right:299:''[[TagLine You win or you die.]]'']]
->'''First Ranger Benjen Stark:''' Direwolves south of the Wall, talk of the walkers, and my brother might be the next Hand of the King. Winter '''is''' coming.\\
'''Lord Eddard Stark:''' Winter is coming...

The first season of ''Series/GameOfThrones'' is based off Book One of the fantasy novel series ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire''. The book title, ''Literature/AGameOfThrones'', is being used as the overarcing title for the whole TV series. The first season consists of ten episodes, written by the show creators, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, as well as Jane Espenson, Bryan Cogman and the author of the novels himself, Creator/GeorgeRRMartin (who wrote episode #8, "The Pointy End").
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS1E1WinterIsComing}} Winter Is Coming]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS1E2TheKingsroad}} The Kingsroad]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS1E3LordSnow}} Lord Snow]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS1E4CripplesBastardsAndBrokenThings}} Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS1E5TheWolfAndTheLion}} The Wolf and the Lion]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS1E6AGoldenCrown}} A Golden Crown]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS1E7YouWinOrYouDie}} You Win or You Die]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS1E8ThePointyEnd}} The Pointy End]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS1E9Baelor}} Baelor]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS1E10FireAndBlood}} Fire and Blood]]

[[folder:Season 2]]
!!Season Two (April 1st, 2012 through June 3rd, 2012)
[[caption-width-right:299:''[[TagLine War is coming.]]'']]
->'''Ser Jaime Lannister:''' Three victories '''don't''' make you a conqueror.\\
'''King Robb Stark:''' It's better than three defeats.

The series was renewed for a second season only a few days after the premiere of the first episode. The season is based off of Book Two, ''Literature/AClashOfKings''. David Benioff and D.B. Weiss continued to write most of the episodes, with George R.R. Martin writing one episode as well (#9, entitled "Blackwater"). There are ten episodes.
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS2E1TheNorthRememebers}} The North Remembers]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS2E2TheNightLands}} The Night Lands]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS2E3WhatIsDeadMayNeverDie}} What is Dead May Never Die]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS2E4GardenOfBones}} Garden of Bones]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS2E5TheGhostOfHarrenhal}} The Ghost of Harrenhal]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS2E6TheOldGodsAndTheNew}} The Old Gods and the New]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS2E7AManWithoutHonor}} A Man Without Honor]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS2E8ThePrinceOfWinterfell}} The Prince of Winterfell]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS2E9Blackwater}} Blackwater]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS2E10Valar Morghulis}} Valar Morghulis]]

[[folder:Season 3]]
!!Season Three (March 31st, 2013 through June 9th, 2013)
[[caption-width-right:299:''[[TagLine There will be no shelter from the storm.]]'']]
->'''Tyrion Lannister:''' How long does it go on?\\
'''Cersei Lannister:''' Until we've dealt with '''all our enemies'''.

The show's ratings actually improved in season two, so that a third ten episode season was quickly green-lit. As the third book, ''Literature/AStormOfSwords'' is too long to properly fit into that time (having a similar word count to the entirety of ''Literature/TheLordOfTheRings''), and the ambitious scope of the series precludes making more within a year, Season Three does not contain the entirety of the third book. George R.R. Martin wrote episode #7, "The Bear and the Maiden Fair." Though it should be noted that the writing credits for this season aren't exactly accurate, as many scenes got swapped between episodes.
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS3E1ValarDohaeris}} Valar Dohaeris]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS3E2DarkWingsDarkWords}} Dark Wings, Dark Words]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS3E3WalkOfPunishment}} Walk of Punishment]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS3E4AndNowHisWatchIsEnded}} And Now His Watch Is Ended]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS3E5KissedByFire}} Kissed By Fire]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS3E6TheClimb}} The Climb]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS3E7TheBearAndTheMaidenFair}} The Bear and the Maiden Fair]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS3E8SecondSons}} Second Sons]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS3E9TheRainsOfCastamere}} The Rains of Castamere]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS3E10Mhysa}} Mhysa]]

[[folder:Season 4]]
!!Season Four (April 6th, 2014 through June 15th, 2014)
[[caption-width-right:299:''[[TagLine All men must die.]]'']]
->''"The Starks have '''always''' ruled the North. '''If''' they're alive, the North will rally to their side."''
-->-- '''Ramsay Snow'''

The ratings exploded in season three, setting a new record with almost every episode, so naturally a fourth season was quickly approved. It covers roughly the last third of ''A Storm of Swords'', and also adapts some elements of ''Literature/AFeastForCrows'' and ''Literature/ADanceWithDragons'', which take place simultaneously. George R.R. Martin wrote episode #2, "The Lion and the Rose."
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS4E1TwoSwords}} Two Swords]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS4E2TheLionAndTheRose}} The Lion and the Rose]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS4E3BreakerOfChains}} Breaker of Chains]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS4E4Oathkeeper}} Oathkeeper]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS4E5FirstOfHisName}} First of His Name]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS4E6TheLawsOfGodsAndMen}} The Laws of Gods and Men]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS4E7Mockingbird}} Mockingbird]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS4E8TheMountainAndTheViper}} The Mountain and the Viper]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS4E9TheWatchersOnTheWall}} The Watchers on the Wall]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS4E10TheChildren}} The Children]]

[[folder:Season 5]]
!!Season Five (April 12, 2015 through June 14, 2015)
[[caption-width-right:296:''[[TagLine Justice has a price.]]'']]
->''"There's no justice in this world. Not unless '''we make it'''."''
-->-- '''Lord Petyr 'Littlefinger' Baelish'''

Season Five adapts ''Literature/AFeastForCrows'' and ''Literature/ADanceWithDragons'', consolidating the events into one linear narrative instead of separating the story by location as the books did. Beginning this season, however, the series also begins to move beyond the source material, featuring events that (at time of broadcast) had yet to occur within the books, and in several cases story arcs belonging to characters not featured in the TV series are reassigned to established TV characters.
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS5E1TheWarsToCome}} The Wars to Come]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS5E2TheHouseOfBlackAndWhite}} The House of Black and White]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS5E3HighSparrow}} High Sparrow]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS5E4TheSonsOfTheHarpy}} The Sons of the Harpy]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS5E5KillTheBoy}} Kill the Boy]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS5E6UnbowedUnbentUnbroken}} Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS5E7TheGift}} The Gift]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS5E8Hardhome}} Hardhome]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS5E9TheDanceOfDragons}} The Dance of Dragons]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS5E10MothersMercy}} Mother's Mercy]]

[[folder:Season 6]]
!!Season Six (April 24, 2016 through June 26, 2016)
[[caption-width-right:296:''[[TagLine The North Remembers.]]'']]
->''"Are you afraid? Good. You're in the great game now. And the great game is terrifying."''
-->-- '''Tyrion Lannister'''

Season Six adapts some content from ''Literature/AFeastForCrows'' and ''Literature/ADanceWithDragons'', as well as the not-yet-released ''The Winds of Winter'', but largely consists of original content.

#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS6E1TheRedWoman}} The Red Woman]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS6E2Home}} Home]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS6E3Oathbreaker}} Oathbreaker]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS6E4BookOfTheStranger}} Book of the Stranger]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS6E5TheDoor}} The Door]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS6E6BloodOfMyBlood}} Blood of My Blood]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS6E7TheBrokenMan}} The Broken Man]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS6E8NoOne}} No One]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS6E9BattleOfTheBastards}} Battle of the Bastards]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS6E10TheWindsOfWinter}} The Winds of Winter]]

[[folder:Season 7]]
!!Season Seven (July 16, 2017 through August 27, 2017)
[[caption-width-right:300:''[[TagLine Winter is here.]]'']]
->''"If we don't put aside our enmities and band together, we will die. And then it doesn't matter whose skeleton sits on the Iron Throne."''
-->-- '''Ser Davos Seaworth'''

Season Seven is shorter than previous seasons, consisting of (appropriately) seven episodes.

#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS7E1Dragonstone}} Dragonstone]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS7E2Stormborn}} Stormborn]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS7E3TheQueensJustice}} The Queen's Justice]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS7E4TheSpoilsOfWar}} The Spoils of War]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS7E5Eastwatch}} Eastwatch]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS7E6BeyondTheWall}} Beyond the Wall]]
#[[{{Recap/GameOfThronesS7E7TheDragonAndTheWolf}} The Dragon and the Wolf]]

[[folder:Season 8]]
!!Season Eight (2019)

Season Eight consists of only six episodes.