Recap / Gaiking Legend Of The Daiku Maryu

This is an episode guide for Gaiking: Legend of Daiku Maryu.

Episode 1: The Arrival of Daiku-Maryu!

Preteen boy Daiya tells everyone that his father was taken away by monsters, but no one believes him... until they attack his home city! However, a great mechanical dragon arrives to help.

Notes: Introduces Daiya and his family; the other main characters appear briefly.

Episode 2: I'm the Chosen Warrior?!

Daiya meets the crew of the Daiku-Maryu, and they reveal that only he has enough "flame" to power their Super Robot, the Gaiking. They also explain that the monsters are weapons from the planet Darius, which is trying to invade Earth since their own world is in danger.

Notes: formally introduces most of the rest of the cast.

Episode 3: The Start of a Journey... Farewell, Mom!

Daiya accepts to go to Darius to help fight the invasion (and to look for his father) but first asks to be given the chance to explain things to his mother.


Episode 4: Lets Go! Operation Enter Darius!

The Maryu uses the aliens' own wormhole to travel to their planet, which proves to be harder than it seems.

Notes: Darius is described as both being "inside the Earth" and in "another dimension".

Episode 5: We are the Bad Guys?!

Daiya is shocked to find that to most Darusians, THEY are the bad guys who are attacking their planet.


Episode 6: What Will We Do?! Launching is Impossible!

A Darusian monster wraps itself around the Maryu, keeping its mecha from emerging.


Episode 7: Clash! An Honorable Duel

A former Darusian general challenges Daiya to a one-on-one robot duel, and he accepts.


Episode 8: The Smallest Strongest Enemy in History

Puria plays a prank on Daiya involving alien insects. Unfortunately this causes a very bad allergic reaction, putting him out of commission, and giving he a guilt trip.


Episode 9: Face the Future and Fire!

Li, the pilot of the Serpent, quits after he fails to combine his mecha with the Gaiking. But he soon realizes that Daiya reminds him of a certain person from his own past.


Episode 10: Lulu's Crisis! Terror on the Sea Floor

Lulu is having flashbacks about her mother's death, and they are affecting her mental powers.

Notes: Lulu does not yet realize the full meaning of her flashbacks.

Episode 11: Violent Tremors!! General Noza Attacks!

Noza and Daiya fight for the first time, and he seems to have the upper hand.


Episode 12: Life-or-Death Gamble?! The Forbidden Comeback Technique

Daiya must use the "Face-Open" battle technique to defeat Noza, even though he might die in a power overload.


Episode 13: Shock! The Captain is Father?!

Daiya begins to suspect that the masked Captain Garis is really his long-missing father.

Notes: Garis is not Daiya's father, but rather a renegade Darusian.

Episode 14: Amusement Park Battle! Rosa's Day Off

While hiding at an abandoned amusement park, Vice Captain Rosa starts acting strange. The crew think she's suffering from stress, and plan various ways to cheer her up.

Notes: Rosa was actually trying to develop a new defensive system for the Maryu.

Episode 15: A Dangerous Fugitive! A Clue about Father!

A mysterious Darusian may hold clues to Daiya's father's whereabouts.


Episode 16: Break Through the Cordon! Lee and the Female Panther

Li goes on a solo, espionage mission- and runs into General Vestarnu, who is herself on a solo mission (to spy on General Proist). The two end up helping each other survive without realizing who the other is.


Episode 17: Friend or Foe?! A Dangerous New Force

Dick, a former troublemaking member of the crew, is asked to rejoin by Captain Garis, to the chagrin of everyone else. also, Proist reveals her true identity.

Notes: Proist turns out to be not a robot, but the daughter of the Emperor.

Episode 18: Super Weapon! The Trump Card of Darius

Proist's new weapon (and Dick's lack of teamwork) leads to Daiya and Gaiking being captured.

Notes: Continues next episode.

Episode 19: The New Emperors Trap! Gaikings Execution!!

Gaiking (and Daiya) were to be executed publicly, but this gives the Maryu's pilots the chance to rescue him... if they can work together.


Episode 20: Mini Mini Machines! The Big Treasure Hunt Race!

To obtain a special mineral -and help the crew relax- the Captain arranges a race for it, with the winner being awarded command of the ship for one day. (And of course, it *just happened* General Saspazi was also there, looking for treasure.)


Episode 21: 100% Accurate Fortune Telling! Lulu Hits the Mark!!

Lulu starts telling fortunes as a way to cheer the war-weary crew. But her self-doubts (brought about by Daiya, who is jealous of the attention she's getting) keep her from using her psychic senses when they are needed to escape a deadly trap.


Episode 22: Burn, Three Idiots! Stolen Gaiking!!

Puria's three henchmen sneak into the Gaiking in an effort to show that they aren't useless... and get all four of them captured. They do redeem themselves by the end, though.

Notes: we find out they used to be thieves, but they swore to Puria they would never steal again.

Episode 23: Sakon Escapes?! The Silent Attack of an Assassination Squad

The ship's mysterious scientist, Prof. Sakon, disappears, just as robot assassins are sent after key members of the crew.

Notes: We finally see Sakon this episode, and learn some facts about his and Shizuka's pasts.

Episode 24: Pink Hippos that Trot across the Battlefield!! Who's the Idol?

When the crew start hallucinating pink hippos due to combat fatigue (yes, really) they decide to cheer themselves with... a contest to choose a Idol Singer from the crew's notable female members?

Notes: continues next episode

Episode 25: Crewmembers Fallen to Hell! You're the Idol!

The crew is SO divided between the Idol contestants, they are not noticing the proximity of the enemy, or even a spy in their midst!


Episode 26: Prelude to a Nightmare! Revival of Daichi-Maryu!!

Proist manages to active a prototype version of the Daiku-Maryu and the Gaiking (called the Vulking) and uses them against the heroes.


Episode 27: Black Past Uncovered! Gariss's Mask of Sadness

Proist has Lulu kidnapped, forcing Garis to go rescue her alone. But she convinces Lulu that Garis killed her mother!

Notes: Lulu starts to regain her memories this episode. Also, yet another Maryu Prototype, the Tenku-Maryu, surfaces, along with another Gaiking equivalent, the Raiking.

Episode 28: Sin and Punishment and the Cursed Child! Tenku-Maryu of Love and Hate!

We find out the story of Garis, Lulu, and Lulu's mother.

Notes: Proist turned out to be the real murderer.

Episode 29: Deadly Full Course Attack! Saspazi Laughs Last!!

Saspazi frames Noza and Vestarnu as traitors so he can gain Prost's trust alone.

Notes: Saspazi commits the mistake of betraying Proist too, and dies as a result.

Episode 30: The Successor is 13 Years Old! Its an All-Out War, Captain Lulu!

With Garis still recovering from his wounds, Lulu takes over as Captain of the Daiku-Maryu. They manage to capture the other two Maryus from the enemy.


Episode 31: Look! Praise! Kneel! Arrival of the Wild God Great!!

Proist attacks with the Super-Maryu, an even more powerful version of the Darusian vehicles. But Gaiking gets a Mid-Season Upgrade by combining with the Raiking and Vulking.

Notes: This episode is a fake final series ending.

Episode 32: No Weapons, No Bullets, Yes Best Friend! Just the Two of Us in a Battle on the Surface!!

Daiya and Puria find themselves sent back to Earth after last episode's battle; now they must protect the Earth from a Steel Beast without the full Gaiking component pieces!

Notes: Introduces NEX, the corporation that supports the Daiku-Maryu.

Episode 33: Goodbye, Innocence! Light the Flame in the Wild Boys Heart!

When Rongo, the Maryu's pilot, is hurt, Daiya's friend Naoto, of all people, is the only one who can replace him.


Episode 34: NEX's True Intention! An Angel's Kiss for the City of Wolves...

NEX invites the crew for some R&R in Los Angeles, but Dick isn't happy. This is because he hates the company's president who happens to be his father.

Notes: We find Dick's full origin here.

Episode 35: Huge Massacre! Huge Development!! God, the Capital is Sinking...

The heroes return to Darius, but Proist allows the Darusian capital city to sink in lava, forcing the Maryu's crew to rescue them.

Notes: We finally find out what happened to Daiya's father: he's been working secretly for the Emperor to help save the Darusians.

Episode 36: Reunion, the Father who Betrayed! But I Love You So Much!!

Emperor Darius tries to join forces with the Maryu crew (to save his daughter from her own insanity) but Proist ends up killing him. Then she kidnaps Daiya's father.


Episode 37: My Son

The vengeful Proist tries to force Daiya to choose between rescuing his father or saving the Earth.

Notes: Proist uses Dvorak's music as her own theme (and even names her mecha after him.)

Episode 38: Everyone, Burn

With the combined Life Energy of all his allies, Daiya finally beats Proist and her mecha.


Episode 39: Your Earth, Your Future

After Proist's death, the heroes split up, with Daiya, his father, Naoto, Puria and her goons returning to Japan, and the rest helping the Darusians evacuate to space.

Notes: The series ends by showing what happened to the characters five years later.