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Recap: Fringe S01 E03 "The Ghost Network"
aka: Fringe S 01 E 03
Season 1, Episode 3:

The Ghost Network

It's odd enough when the occupants of a city bus are encased in an amber-like substance, but when the Fringe team investigates, they learn that a man predicted not only the bus attack, but several other Pattern-related disasters.

  • Aborted Arc / Left Hanging: This episode brings up Peter's Dark and Troubled Past and then drops it completely next episode, especially after Season 3. Some planned novels are going to explore it further.
  • And I Must Scream: As we learn later (much, much later), people encased in Amber are still technically alive.
  • Artistic License - Biology: "Why would there be metal in his blood? That's not normal." Actually, it is normal. Iron transports oxygen in hemoglobin in our blood.
    • Though they probably meant the fact that there's a large quantity of foreign iron enough in the guy's blood that the CAT magnet nearly ripped it off his veins.
  • Artistic License - Medicine: the axial images shown of Roy's brain are a CT scan NOT an MRI
  • Brain Uploading: Agent Scott through a few electrodes along the hairline
  • C.A.T. Trap: Bulging veins and screams in the scanner
  • Early-Bird Cameo: That Amber? You're going to see it again. Eventually.
  • Mad Artist: Roy gets visions of the Pattern incidents through the Ghost Network, and he draws what he sees to try and vent it off. He himself is terrified and thinks he's going crazy and/or that the Devil is speaking to him. Needless to say, his artwork is very macabre.
  • Mad Scientist Laboratory: I like the addition of the piano and cow to the more traditional body parts in jars and operating table
  • Mundane Utility: Walter's pretty sure the Ghost Network receiver can be recalibrated to receive free cable.
  • Omniglot: Astrid reveals this to be her secret talent.
  • Psychic Link: Subverted; the Ghost Network has been commandeered by the mysterious agents to transmit regular radio waves, but the man with the receiver in his head still picks it up and his brain attempts to unscramble the data as best it can.
    • Walter's original concept for the Ghost Network WAS akin to Psychic Link, but he didn't manage to do it. The mysterious bad guys took the easy way out by making it into a ghost phone line.
  • Smart People Know Latin: The group behind the incident communicate in Latin for some reason. In the Ghost Network it makes sense, since it's hard to understand if there's someone hearing. If Astrid wasn't around or didn't know Latin, the Fringe team would be lost.
  • Suspiciously Apropos Music: When Olivia guesses the only one capable of manufacturing the Amber would be, once again, Massive Dynamic, Walter plays the intro to Beethoven's Fifth, once again highlighting the Mega Corp.'s sinister and mysterious nature and intentions. [[Troll His face implies he did it on purpose]].

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