Recap / Farscape S 04 E 19 Were So Screwed Fetal Attraction

Season 4, Episode 19:

We're So Screwed, part 1: Fetal Attraction

The crew arrive at a space station on the border of Scarran space, in order to get the beacons necessary to proceed further into Scarran territory. They arrive in groups: Sikozu first in a transport pod, so that she can blend in with the other Kalish; Crichton, Scorpius, Chiana and Rygel are next in Moya, pretending to be a crew of spies under Scorpius' command, on their way to report in to their Scarran spymasters; and D'Argo and Noranti, hanging back in Lo'La in case they're needed. Upon arrival, they realise that the transport with Aeryn aboard is also docked at the station, but weapons are prohibited and anyone found carrying one is killed by the automatic defences, meaning an armed rescue is out of the question. Worse, the transport is scheduled to leave within the arn. It's Rygel who comes up with the solution: he fakes the symptoms of a contagious disease, and the Kalish in charge of the station places it on temporary lockdown, forbidding anyone transports from leaving. Medical scans aren't able to confirm the presence of the disease and the Kalish are preparing to lift the lockdown, but when Noranti shows up in response to a general broadcast for medical personnel or healers, she gets a positive response on the medical scans by actually giving Rygel the disease.

As Noranti works to find a cure for the disease before it infects anyone else, the rest of the crew try to get access to the Scarran transport. Crichton pretends to have a Sebacean-only cure for the disease in order to seduce the Sebacean nurse and get aboard the transport to prove that Aeryn's onboard. Meanwhile, the Scarran officer is worried enough about the disease that he decides to transfer Aeryn's pregnancy to another mother that's less likely to get sick — and he chooses Chiana. After Charrids board Moya via the docking bay and capture Chiana, the rest of the crew accelerate their plans in order to rescue them both. While Scorpius distracts the Scarran officer, Sikozu hacks the station computers to initiate a power shutdown, giving Crichton and D'Argo a window to get across the station with their weapons, board the Scarran transport and grab Aeryn and Chiana. They fight their way back to Moya and blast off, but Scorpius is caught by the Scarran officer and gets left behind while the others escape.

Aeryn is back aboard, the baby is fine, and everything seems great for Crichton... until Harvey wakes up. Rather than being removed, Harvey was actually upgraded with utter loyalty to Scorpius, the ability to communicate with his master and an updated directive to seek out and send to Scorpius all the wormhole knowledge in Crichton's mind. If Crichton wants to keep wormhole technology out of Scarran hands, he has no choice but to go back and rescue Scorpius...