Recap / Farscape Comics 01 The Beginning Of The End Of The Beginning

The Beginning of the End of the Beginning

Issue 1: The Return of the King

Moya is travelling to Hyneria, so that Rygel can finally reclaim his throne. He contacts Mmyna, the last of his wives, and she confirms that the current Dominar Bishan is in disfavour and that the time is ripe for Rygel to return. Meanwhile, Chiana's reaction to D'Argo's death is resume her sexual relationship with Jothee, something he knows isn't healthy for either of them but he can't bring himself to put a stop to. Aeryn is worried about whether or not she'll be a good mother for her and Crichton's son, whom Crichton nicknames "Deke". And Pilot is searching through Moya's databanks for a planet where Crichton and Aeryn can settle down and start a home.

When Moya arrives in Hynerian space, the crew find debris from a battle that occurred during the Peacekeeper Wars, between a Hynerian and Scarran fleet. Rygel is contacted by Mmyna, who has recruited three generals and a small army to assist in the recapture of the Hynerian throne. He agrees to meet up with them on a moon in the Hynerian system, and Jothee and Chiana tag along for his protection, leaving Crichton, Aeryn and Deke on the ship. When Rygel and the others arrive at the rendezvous in a transport pod, Mmyna is surprised, expecting that Rygel had an army at his command in order to destroy a Gammak Base, a Shadow Depository, a Command Carrier and a Scarran base. But once she confirms that he's come alone except for Jothee and Chiana, Mmyna springs her trap, ordering the assembled Hynerian soldiers to capture Rygel and the others: she's working for Bishan. On Moya, Crichton and Aeryn hear about their friends' capture, while Pilot starts picking up a contact on the edge of Moya's sensor range. Unbeknownst to them, the contact is a ship, piloted by a Man in Black who's interested in Crichton, Aeryn and Deke...

Issue 2: Dungeons and Dominars

Someone has to go down to Hyneria and rescue the others: Crichton and Aeryn initially debate who'll go and who'll stay with Deke, but they hit on the idea of bringing Deke along, so they can both take care of him and both help Rygel, Chiana and Jothee to escape. They head down to Hyneria and try to gain access to the prison, but the mysterious Man in Black follows them. Deke also exhibits a strange ability that neither of his parents can explain. And worst of all, Scorpius is on Hyneria, with the authority to arrest Crichton and Aeryn, lock them up with the others and take their son away. The Hynerian Navy comes after Moya, and she has to starburst in order to escape. Rygel is taken from the others and sent away on a Peacekeeper Marauder, along with Mmyna and several of the Hynerian generals, to be sold into Peacekeeper slavery.

Issue 3: Yes, That's Our Baby

On the Marauder, Rygel uses his in-depth knowledge of Peacekeeper prisons to break out of his cell, along with the other Hynerian prisoners, and take control of the ship. Moya escapes the Hynerian navy, but now she's days away from Hyneria. Crichton and Aeryn are brought to Scorpius, who wants to know what they're doing on the planet. He thinks that Moya's crew has come to disrupt his plans: Scorpius has left the Peacekeepers, who aren't in any position to help him further his anti-Scarran agenda — they're disintegrating due to the perception that they "lost" the war, the revelation that Peacekeepers once served the Eidolons and a steady stream of deserters — and now he's convinced Bishan to have him installed as the Hynerian Commissioner of War.

Scorpius threatens to kill Deke if Crichton doesn't reveal what he's come to Hyneria for, not believing that they're just trying to put Rygel back on the throne. He actually goes to far as to throttle the baby, but it somehow doesn't kill Deke. Guards escort them back to their cell, but Crichton and Aeryn escape and break out the rest of the group. On their way back to the transport pod, the Man in Black tries to kill the group, but Deke uses his "ability" again and stops time, allowing Crichton to see the attack coming and avoid it. They make it back to the transport pod and take up, pursued by Hynerian ships, but Rygel's Marauder arrives to save them. Once they're all aboard, Rygel heads for the planet Acervulus, with a plan to finally take back his throne...

Issue 4: Hynerian Rhapsody

On Acervulus, Rygel uses an ancient Hynerian communication system to summon the Order of the First, a sect of the Hynerian military loyal to the line of Rygels, to help with his plan. Aeryn's Prowler and the Marauder fly an attack mission on a Hynerian outpost, and despite Scorpius' warnings that it's a trap, Bishan sends his Navy to repel the "Peacekeeper" attack, leaving only the automated defences in place around Hyneria itself — which are then disabled by Order of the First insiders, allowing Rygel's forces to move in on the palace. Meanwhile, the Man in Black boards Moya during the confusion and goes after Deke, effortlessly knocking out Noranti and Jothee in the process. Chiana manages to get Deke away and Crichton and Aeryn corner him, forcing the Man in Black to flee for his ship and retreat.

Rygel storms the palace, personally knocks out Bishan and dismisses all his sycophantic advisers. He announces his return to Hyneria, but rather than simply seize power, he humbly asks for the support of the Hynerian people and their permission to rule them — and they unanimously support his return. Rygel's first act as Dominar is to banish Scorpius from the Empire, despite his claims that he can be useful. Moya's crew say their goodbyes to Dominar Rygel and head off into space: Crichton and Aeryn have a lot of questions they need answering, like who the Man in Black is, what he wants with Deke, and how is Deke able to stop time...