'''Airdate:''' November 19, 2006

After catching Chris and his friends watching stolen porno videos and Chris telling her that the school doesn't have sex education classes, Lois is hired as James Woods High's sex ed teacher, but soon loses her job when the parents protest her lessons on how to use condoms and the school switches over to a religious-based purity ring program, where Meg and her [[GirlOfTheWeek boyfriend for the episode]] find a new way to show intimate love while staying pure. Meanwhile, Stewie loses a tooth and, after being told that the Tooth Fairy comes to kids' houses to collect teeth, begins to safeguard himself against her.
!!"Prick Up Your Ears" contains examples of:
* AnAesop: You shouldn't have sex until you're ready, but everyone has urges and sex outside of marriage is OK, but only as long as it's practiced safely.
* AntiRoleModel: Peter as a money management teacher to drug addicts:
--> '''Peter''': There's a lot of ways for you guys to save money. For example, you're all shooting up, why not share needles? That's a no-brainer. More money in your wallet, more drugs in your veins. My second piece of advice: Have as many kids as you can, 'cause that makes it more likely that one of those kids'll grow up and make it big in Hollywood. ''Then'' who's paying the bills, eh? Hollywood kid.
* BaitAndSwitch: See TotemPoleTrench below.
* {{Bowdlerization}}: The DVD and Creator/CartoonNetwork version has a lot of scenes that were toned down on FOX and (surprisingly) Netflix:
** When Peter vows to be abstinent: On FOX, the scene ends with Peter mispronouncing "abstinent" as "obstinate" and "absinthe." Meg corrects him both times, and Peter sends her to her room. On Creator/CartoonNetwork and DVD, the scene ends with Peter declaring that he'll be as untouched as the turn signal on an Asian woman's car, followed by a cutaway of ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin.
** Lois finding Meg and her boyfriend having ear sex: Brian comes in and asks Lois why his jelly sandwich tastes funny. On FOX, Peter yells from off-screen, "Yeah, it's been on my crotch!" On Creator/CartoonNetwork and DVD, "crotch" is replaced with "penis."
** Lois roleplaying as Grimace and mistaking him for the Hamburglar: Peter refers to Grimace as "Ronald [=McDonald=]'s autistic friend" on FOX. On Creator/CartoonNetwork and DVD, "autistic friend" is changed to "retarded friend."
** Peter having ear sex with Lois: On FOX, the viewer hears Lois fighting Peter off her when the lights are out. When they come back on, Peter is naked and on the bedroom floor. On Creator/CartoonNetwork and the DVD, when Lois turns on the lights, Peter is seen naked and curled around Lois' head (since he convinced himself to be abstinent and into ear sex too).
* BlackComedyRape: How Lois snaps Peter out of abstinence.
* CaptainObvious / ComicallyMissingThePoint: The porno film that Stewie, Chris and his friends are watching involves a woman who is diagnosed with nymphomania. One of the male doctors tells her the treatment: "Take two of ''these'' and call us in the morning." When it's implied that the woman and the two doctors are having a three-way, Stewie says, "Oh, now that's not going to help her nymphomania. It's only going to exacerbate it."
* DescriptionCut: Near the end, Doug says he can't wait to see Meg naked. Cut to Meg crying after the breakup.
* FakeInteractivity: At one point, Stewie tells Brian, "To catch a fairy, I have to think like a fairy." The audience is then prompted to choose between three responses for Brian, the first two of which are rational reactions ("[[SarcasmMode Well, that'll be a stretch,]]" and "[[AsideComment I'm not touching that one]]"). Of course, the anwser is always the third option, [[NonSequitur saying "Arriba!" and dancing around a sombrero]]. The gag is repeated at the end, when Meg runs into her room crying over her breakup, and Brian asking Lois to give him a little of her speech. The choices this time were the speech, Meg talking about her day, or something completely irrelevant (which was of course chosen) which leads to...
* MandatoryLine: Parodied at the end, which gives the viewer the choice of how to end the episode. The "audience" choose to give Cleveland his first line in the episode.
-->'''Cleveland:''' Hey y'all, sock it to me!
** WhatCouldHaveBeen: On the animatic (which can be seen on the volume five DVD), the third choice wasn't giving Cleveland his only line for the episode. It was seeing Peter and Lois toss Brian out the window.
* MoralGuardians: The town's parents don't like Lois' sex ed class (not because of Peter's messed-up lessons, like using a bust of William Shakespeare and a Rainbow Brite doll to simulate intercourse, but because Lois was teaching safe sex and the use of protection like condoms instead of scaring them into not having sex), which gets her fired and replaced with a purity program.
* NoodleIncident: After Peter has sex with Lois, he asks her when she got the tattoo on her back. Lois replies nonchalantly, "I don't know, Peter, meth is a hell of a drug."
* PrimalScene: Parodied when Lois catcher Meg and Doug performing "ear sex" as a substitute for intercourse.
* RunningGag: "They're our rivals!"
* SpaceWhaleAesop: Parodied with the "lessons" at the abstinence assemblies. For example...
** "If you have sex, your penis will fall off and land in another dimension populated entirely by dogs, who will eat it."
** "Premarital sex turns straight people gay and gays into Mexicans! We all go down a notch!"
** "If you have sex, you're automatically in Al Qaeda."
* TakeThat: At conservatives, Christians, abstinence-only sex ed programs, and the teens who give in to them.
* TotemPoleTrench: To crash the abstinence lecture, Peter tries to think of an idea. It cuts over to a tall man whose face looks like Peter's wearing a long trenchcoat and high heels. It pans to Peter and Lois still in the bushes, with Peter suggesting they sneak in behind the man.