'''Airdate:''' January 13, 2008

After Peter loses his mustache in a fire, he stuffs his sorrows with [=McBurgertown=] burgers, until he has a stroke. Meanwhile, Stewie poses as a high schooler as part of a bet with Brian.
!!"[=McStroke=]" contains examples of ([[YMMV/FamilyGuyS6E8McStroke YMMV goes here]]):
* AlphaBitch: Connie D'Amico.
* AndYourRewardIsEdible: After Peter saves the life of the man who owns and operates the Quahog-location of [=McBurgertown=], he offers Peter a lifetime supply of free burgers from the restaurant as a way of thanking him for saving his life.
* AuthorTract: PlayedForLaughs (sort of). When Peter gets cured with stem cells.
-->'''Peter:''' How long was I in there?
-->'''Guard:''' About five minutes.
-->'''Peter:''' ''Why aren't we funding this!?''
* BackstabbingTheAlphaBitch: See LaserGuidedKarma below.
* BiggerIsBetterInBed: Connie's belief in this is how she humiliates Stewie after showing his "baby penis" to her and telling everyone about it, not knowing he really is a baby in disguise. Stewie apparently defies this in response.
--> "Well, for your information, I don't ''want'' a big penis! I think they're ''messy''!
* LaserGuidedKarma: Stewie tricks Connie into kissing him and frames her for lewd conduct with a baby.
* MidBattleTeaBreak: When Brian and Peter rescue a talking cow, they're chased by 2 guards. The Montage show them all in a band, playing music together.
* MistakenForPedophile: See LaserGuidedKarma
* NeverMyFault: Brian points out that it's Peter's own fault he had a stroke due to eating thirty [=McBurgertown=]-burgers in one sitting. See StrawmanHasAPoint on the YMMV-page for more detail.
** To a lesser extent, Peter's own decisions in general were what set off the chain of events for the whole episode to begin with. Starting with looking through Cleveland's mail while he was away, which then inspires him to grow a mustache from looking at a magazine, [[SubvertedTrope and while it really wasn't his fault that]] [[IdiotBall the firemen at [=McBurgertown=]]] [[InsaneTrollLogic thought he was another fireman just because he had a mustache like them]] [[MakesAsMuchSenseInContext and sent him in there for it]], the fact he even had a mustache from stealing his neighbor's mail is what led to him having to lose it in the fire, end up saving the owner's life and get rewarded for it, and ''then'' eating the thirty hamburgers that caused his stroke. [[{{Irony}} "With great mustache comes great responsibility!"]]
* ScoobyDoobyDoors: Used in the chase scene.
* ShoutOut
** [[SpiderMan "With great mustache comes great responsibility!"]]
** The chase scene with Peter, Brian, the cow and the security guards is set to [[Music/TheMonkees "Pleasant Valley Sunday"]].
* SomethingSomethingLeonardBernstein: The TropeNamer [[Music/{{REM}} song]] pops up when a post-stroke Peter is driving and tries singing along, his condition giving him a speech impediment while sounds like the song's rapid-fire, nigh-incomprehensible lyrics.