'''Air Date:''' April 29, 2007

The Griffins are chased out of Quahog after Stewie throws up the host wafer during Communion (which the church-going crowd thinks is a sign that Stewie is the Devil) and end up in Texas, where Lois wants the family to start a new life after realizing that their moral values have gone down the toilet.

!!This episode contains examples of:
* AmbiguouslyGay: Stewie
* AskAStupidQuestion: Jillian, of course:
--> '''Jillian''': How do I know if I'm Jewish?\\
'''Brian''': Are you Jewish?\\
'''Jillian''': No.\\
'''Brian''': There ya go, sport.
* {{Bowdlerization}}: On the TV version, the Texas sign reading "The Fuck You State" has "Fuck" blurred out. You can see it uncut on the DVD.
** Stewie's line about beauty pageants being a first-class ticket to "a semen-covered death in the basement" (the original line on DVD and Creator/AdultSwim) was altered on FOX to "semen-stained." How this is an improvement is anyone's guess, as semen is still on the corpse of the child in the mental image, though "covered" implies that the semen was (for lack of a better word) freshly put on the corpse while "stained" implied that the semen on the corpse isn't fresh.
** The sermon in church is different between the FOX version and the DVD (or Creator/AdultSwim) version. On the FOX version, the sermon was about Paul telling his next-door neighbor to do something about his crying baby. On DVD and Creator/AdultSwim, it was about the sin of masturbating into a sock and tucking it away in a hamper as if it's been there for a while.
** The Netflix version is a weird mix. While most of the episode is the uncut DVD version, the shot of the sign that reads, "Welcome to Texas: The Fuck You State" has "Fuck" blurred out.
* CallBack: Peter being mentally retarded was previously brought up in "Petarded".
** The aroused cow that Peter brands is the same one from "Jungle Love".
* CharacterizationMarchesOn: Brian actually going to church with the family, two seasons before he reveals to the family that he's an atheist. It can be argued that he's only there to pay lip service, like Hayley Smith, Cleveland Brown Jr., and Lisa Simpson have done, though it's most likely a case of the writers forgetting this, or his lack of faith hasn't been established yet.
* Website/ChuckNorrisFacts: According to Peter (and validated by the man himself), Chuck Norris is so tough, there's no chin under his beard; there's only another fist.
* DeepSouth
* InnocentInnuendo: Quagmire falls for this when the church announces the need for a new organist. Quagmire excitedly enters the church, only to exit moments later, annoyed.
--> '''Quagmire''': Why do you say "organist" if you don't want... I don't understand the world anymore.
* NotHelpingYourCase: When Lois protests Peter bringing his horse into bed:
--> '''Peter''': Lois, I cannot believe you would ban the horse from our bed. He is a graceful, majestic creature who is a part of this family and only wants you to love and respect- the horse may have pooped in the bed.
* ShoutOut
** The title is a reference to ''Film/BoysDontCry''.
** A scene during the car trip where a sexy female driver flirts with Peter, only to get hit by a truck is a reference to ''Film/NationalLampoonsVacation'' (the scene isn't shown on FOX, but can be found on DVD and on Creator/AdultSwim).
** Chris showing the teenagers Bush's underwear is a parody of a scene from ''Film/SixteenCandles'' where Anthony Michael Hall's character does the same thing after asking Molly Ringwald's character for her underpants.
** When Stewie's wig falls off at the pageant, someone mistakes him for [[Film/TheNakedGun Enrico Pallazzo]].
* StubbornMule: Brian says that conservatives are as stubborn as a mule, which triggers a CutawayGag to a a man and a mule playing Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, with the mule refusing to believe that Bacon was in ''Film/{{Footloose}}''.
* TakeThat: At Christians, Republicans, and Texans.
** To the WNBA in a cutaway.
** Peter's end speech about how people need to be more responsible on what they let their children watch on TV is a burn against the MoralGuardians who always complain that ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'' (and Creator/SethMacFarlane's other works) are too vulgar for TV.
* TalkingInYourSleep: Dick Cheney guarding George W. Bush's ranch:
--> '''Cheney''': (mumbling) 18% approval rating. (snores) I'll give you 18% of my foot in your ass.
* UpToEleven: The Super Devil. He rides a motorcycle and holds a jar of marmalade that forces people to commit adultery.