'''Original air date''': November 27, 2005

Lois discovers that she has a brother (voiced by RobertDowneyJr), who has been locked in a mental hospital after a traumatizing experience he suffered as a child. Meanwhile, Peter starts an advocacy group for fat men after Dr. Hartman diagnoses him with "being fat."

!! Tropes associated with this episode

* ContinuityNod: Brian throws a rock at Peter for rolling up the window when he tried to jump into the General Lee in "To Love And Die in Dixie."
** WhatCouldHaveBeen: Originally it was going to be because Brian was in a carrier cage on a plane to meet Patrick and Peter pissed on him.
* DeletedScene: The DVD includes an extra scene where Peter and his fat advocacy group sing at the funeral of one of the Fat Guy Strangler's victims.
* InnocentlyInsensitive: Peter is a {{jerkass}}, but he had no way of knowing that Patrick was traumatized over Jackie Gleason. He still brainlessly does it again right after Patrick has been stopped.
* NotSoImaginaryFriend: Implied with Marian. Brian and Stewie leave a cucumber where in front of where she supposedly sits, and it pickles.
* OnlySaneMan: Brian realizes straight away that Patrick is the Fat Guy Strangler and tells Lois that it's pretty clear it's him. Lois however is in full blown denial.
* OverlyLongGag: The first meeting for fat people, which consists of a lot of belching, flatulence, heavy breathing, and unwrapping candy bars.
* ShoutOut: To:
** ''TheHoneymooners'': The Jackie Gleason look-alike (and later, Peter) impersonating the show's signature character and mannerisms, including "Pow! Right in the kisser!"
** BillyJoel: The "caveman who invented singing" performs Joel's 1984 hit "The Longest Time," a cappella style.
* ThisIsGonnaSuck: After Patrick introduces "Marian", Stewie merely sighs a deadpan "Oh, here we go...", knowing instantly things will go downhill from there.
* {{Trigger}}: Peter's insensitive impersonation of Ralph Kramden (from ''TheHoneymooners'') triggers Patrick's trauma of seeing his mother and a Jackie Gleason lookalike having an affair ... and sets off his homicidal rage against overweight people.