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Recap: Family Guy S 12 E 18 Baby Got Black
Peter, Joe, and Quagmire dare each other to stay awake for more than 24 hours. Meanwhile, Chris falls for a black girl, who turns out to be Jerome's (from "Jerome is the New Black") daughter, who doesn't approve of the relationship because of his prejudice against white people.


  • Overprotective Dad: Jerome, though he admits is because he's distrusting of white people over their injustices toward him.
  • Police Brutality: Jerome gets into a scuffle with a cop and then tells Peter that he's always treated like a criminal when he's not.
  • Two out of Three Ain't Bad: This exchange (also a subversion, since two out of three isn't good):
    Jerome: If we're friends, what's my last name?
    Peter: Cool J?
    Jerome: Where am I from?
    Peter: The south part of a large city?
    Jerome: Where did I go to college?
    Peter: Does it air commercials during daytime judge programs?
    Jerome: Peter, you only got two of those three things right!
  • White Guilt: Peter experiences this when Jerome tells him how it feels to be treated like a criminal his whole life because of his race and realizes that he's been living a lucky life through white privilege.
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