Recap / Family Guy S12E12 "Mom's The Word"

After Peter comes home from soiling himself at work, he's hit with devastating news: his mother, Thelma, is dead from a stroke. And things get worse when Peter befriends Thelma's friend Evelyn (voiced by Golden Age Hollywood actress Lauren Bacall, in what would be her final role before she died months later), who hits on him. Meanwhile, Stewie worries about death, and after visiting several religions, Brian drives Stewie to suicide after he tells them that because of his atheism, Brian believes that there is no afterlife and once someone dies, that's it.

Tropes associated with this episode include:

  • The Character Died With Her: In-universe. The revelation that Thelma Griffin is deceased, the storyline coming after the death of her voice actress, Phyllis Diller.
  • Karma Houdini: Osama bin Laden, as seen in a cutaway gag. He gets to go to heaven because he accepted Jesus as his lord and savior.