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Recap: Eighth Doctor Adventures The Scarlet Empress
The Doctor and Sam arrive on the planet of Hyspero, a Sim Sim Salabim sort of place where stories have power and magic is real. Sam decides to do some wandering in a graveyard inexplicably placed in the middle of the city and stumbles across something very unusual indeed: a red double-decker bus, just like the ones at home in London, specifically the number 22 to Putney Common. Like any good companion, she lets curiosity get in the way of common sense, and climbs aboard to check things out. She's greeted by a bound and gagged alligator man named Gila who insists he's been abducted by a madwoman. A woman called Iris Wildthyme. Sam gets the Doctor and the two of them free Gila and set off to find Iris, who's been set upon by Gila's attack dogs in an attempt to prevent his abduction. The Doctor rescues Iris and gets Gila to call off his dogs, then prompts Iris to explain just what exactly is going on. It turns out she is on a mission for the mysterious Scarlet Empress, ruler of all of Hyspero, to bring four assassins, one of whom is Gila, The Albino Alligator Man, back together for unexplained reasons.

Tropes present in The Scarlet Empress include:

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