Recap / Eighth Doctor Adventures Revolution Man

"Flower power isn't enough — We need real power."
Slogan of the Total Liberation Brigade

In the 60s, everyone is doing drugs and planning revolutions. Historically, this didn't lead to the end of the world. But when the Doctor, Sam, and Fitz land in the 60s, there's something new going around. The so-called "Revolution Man" has found a way to gain godlike manipulation of the world around him by using an alien drug called Om-Tsor.

The Doctor, Sam, and Fitz split up. The Doctor goes about doing whatever the Doctor does to figure stuff out, while Sam flies to Italy to investigate, and Fitz decides to leave the TARDIS to be with Maddie, the ex-girlfriend of a user of Om-Tsor whose life he and the Doctor saved. However, circumstances contrive to bring them back together as history is altered such that all reports show that the world ended in 1969.

Tropes present in Revolution Man include: