Recap / Eighth Doctor Adventures Demontage

"Demontage... It's the opposite of montage. Instead of building up a picture layer by layer, you peel the layers away to reveal what's beneath."
The Doctor

Sam, Fitz, and the Doctor finally take a break from saving the universe. They land the TARDIS at a Battrulian casino, Vega, that the Doctor has visited before, and Fitz and the Doctor have a competition over who can win the most money. Fitz loses all his money on the first day, but hides it from the Doctor and pretends that he's still got some. Sam is bored out of her mind and mopes about a bit.

Unfortunately, things could never be that peaceful for the TARDIS team. Vega is actually a secret government base that spies on the Battrulian's long-time enemies, the Canvines. There is also a rather grotesque art exhibit being displayed there, and the President of Battrul is coming to see it. Oh, and an assassin has gotten a room on Vega with the mission to kill an unknown person.

No one is who they seem to be. Half of them are cheating at the casino while the other half are doing shady deals to try to kill people. And somehow, the Doctor's previous visit to Vega has a connection with all of this.

Tropes present in Demontage include: