Recap / Ed Eddn Eddy S 2 E 3 Knock Knock Whos Ed

The Eds are getting excited because a monster movie marathon is about to start. Unfortunately, they are in Ed's house at the time and are kicked out by Sarah before they can even start. As such, they spend the rest of the episode trying to find another house in which to watch the marathon (ignoring Edd and Eddy's houses, since that would "ruin the plot," according to Eddy). Once they finally settle on Rolf's house, they have to make due with their host's incredibly tiny TV screen.

Knock Knock Who Ed provides the following tropes:

  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: When Edd points out that they can always go to his or Eddy's place, Eddy replies, "What? And ruin the plot?"
  • Could Have Avoided This Plot: Double D points out how they could easily just go to one of their houses to watch the marathon. Eddy acknowledges this, but points out how doing such would ruin the plot of the episode.
  • Karma Houdini: Sarah. She kicks her own brother and his friends out of the house just because she can, and she never gets any retribution for it.