Recap / Ed Edd N Eddy S 2 E 13 To Sir With Ed

Eddy's parents have gone out for the night, and leaves him all alone, at least for a few minutes until Nazz shows up at his house. Thinking that Nazz came over for a date, when in reality, Eddy's parents hired her to babysit him, Eddy enlists the help of his pals to be his rather unsuccessful wingmen on his perceived 'date'. Eddy makes a mess of dinner, and Nazz tells him to take a bath. He initially refuses, but Ed and Edd eventually coerce him into stripping and getting into the bathtub. The Urban Rangers (Rolf and Jonny) then show up uninvited at Eddy's house, delivering a giant block of ice. Kevin, seeing Nazz is at the house, also joins in. The Urban Rangers are demonstrating their sculpting skills in Eddy's living room, creating an 'ice fowl'. Ed cannot hide his love for chickens, and jumps onto the ice sculpture, claiming it as his. Kevin decides that it's not a party without music, and Ed, extremely happy about his new acquisition, decides to take it up to the bathroom to show Eddy. He bursts in, and slips on an unfortunately-placed bar of soap, sending him, Eddy, the bathtub, and the chicken-shaped ice block crashing through the floor.

Eddy, naked and unhurt but is enraged that everyone else showed up at his house ininvited. Nazz sees this as Eddy's fault and angrily sends him to bed. It is revealed here that Nazz was over to babysit Eddy, and he was sadly mistaken. Seeing that his embarrassment was compounded, Eddy then attacks Edd out of sheer rage. Later on, the party at Eddy's house is still going on, without Eddy, who is sulking in bed. He gets an idea to sneak a view of what's going on through his slightly ajar door. However Nazz closes the door, with Eddy between it, the latter letting out a squeal of pain. This alerts the uninvited guests. Eddy then blows a raspberry at them, but slips down, and gets his tongue stuck in between the door. Ignoring his anguished, muffled pleas to open the door, Ed, being his usual clueless self, wraps Jonny's bandana disguised as a diaper around Eddy's swollen tongue, ending the episode.

To Sir With Ed provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Adults Are Useless: And how! Even if you never saw another episode of this show, you'd see how little power adults seem to have over the children, who seem to live by their own rules and moral code.
  • Et Tu, Brute?: When all the kids laugh at Eddy for believing he was on a date with Nazz, Ed joins in!
  • Fridge Logic: Eddy could have most likely spared himself the embarrassment (and the destruction), had he unscrupulously got into the bathtub, instead of having Ed wrestle him to get in. The rowdiness of his bath entry could've caused the soap to fall in the exact place on the floor for Ed to slip on it later.
  • Funny Background Event: While Eddy and Edd are arguing about Eddy taking a bath, Ed can be seen rummaging in the bathroom's medicine cabinet, throwing all of its contents over his shoulder.
  • Hand-or-Object Underwear: Eddy originally dons the hand variety upon crashing through the ceiling and catching a glance of all the uninvited guests in his living room.
  • Harmless Freezing: Ed when he clings to the chicken ice-sculpture. A few scenes later, he is seen wearing the detached head of the sculpture on his head.
  • Karma Houdini: In an astonishing example of this trope, the absolute worst thing Eddy does is assume Nazz came over to his house for a date, rather than to babysit him, yet he's the only one who gets in trouble for anything when she sends him to bed early... while she's using Eddy's house to throw a party with the other kids. Even his friends seem to get away with destroying his personal belongings.