Recap / Ed Edd N Eddy S 1 E 23 A Glass Of Warm Ed

A Glass of Warm Ed is the 23rd episode of Season 1 of Ed, Edd n Eddy.

The episode starts with Double D being disturbed by an intruder breaking into his house ("In BARE FEET!") and raiding his refrigerator. Armed only with his cactus Jim, Double D investigates, and quickly discovers the perpetrator is none other than Ed. Double D quickly tries to admonish him, only for him to take a chomp out of Jim and leave. Double D realizes Ed is sleepwalking, and quickly goes to the aid of Eddy. At first, Eddy isn't interested, but quickly changes his attitude once Ed raids his fridge. They follow him as he goes to Nazz's bedroom where Nazz is shown wearing two cucumbers on her eyes, and he picks them off and eats them without waking her. Edd and Eddy peek out from the side of the back door. Ed is then shown breaking down the door with a fridge in his hands, swallowing all the food in the refrigerator whole as he continues to sleepwalk, causing Eddy to laugh hysterically at the sight while Edd shushes him. Ed sleepwalks into Jimmy's house with Edd and Eddy noticing what is going on through a window. Ed is then shown opening a fridge while also scarfing down the food in it. Edd is concerned that Ed might wake Jimmy. Eddy is enjoying it too much and sits down to watch the thing play out, complete with a bag of popcorn—only to notice Ed as vanished again...

Jimmy is then shown sleeping in his bed. Jimmy then wakes up due to the hideous odor in the air, noticing a shadowy figure approaching him. Edd and Eddy are looking around the kitchen when they hear a cry for help. They then head to Jimmy's room and open the door to find Jimmy's in Ed's mouth. Edd and Eddy are so shocked that they close the door. Eddy opens the door again to find that Ed spat Jimmy back out, to Double D's relief, and they head off after Ed again.

Double D and Eddy follow the trails of scrap food Ed left behind, eventually finding him back in his basement. They wake Ed up and tell him what he had done in his sleep, and they decide to sleep over at his house to watch him. Soon, Ed starts sleepwalking again and goes to other houses getting even more food. They disturb Sarah a little, but she doesn't find out what's going on. Ed walks off and starts eating an apple from a tree, only to fall and grab a pair of woman's underwear hanging from a clothes line with his teeth. The clothes line sends Ed flying and the underwear blows up like a balloon and Ed floats away, much to Eddy's amusement. Edd comes up with a plan and by using the odor from Ed's shoes they lure him back to his place. It works, but his now swollen belly leaves him trapped in the window for the time being.

Next morning, Jimmy crawls out from under his bed and discovers all of his food is missing. His stomach growls as he hears Eddy announcing his new "Ed's Mart" scam over a megaphone When Jimmy leaves the house, he sees that all the kids are starving, so they head over to the Ed's improvised Ed's Mart stand to get food, which comes straight from Ed's body. Jonny asks for some Chunky Puffs and Eddy goes to the inventory (AKA Ed) to find them. Jonny gets his Chunky Puffs, and Ed asks, "Would you like milk with that?" Eddy agrees saying to Edd, "Can't have cereal without milk." Edd turns away and gags as the episode irises out.


  • Balloon Belly: The result of Ed's sleep-eating. At a certain point, he has the appearance of a full-term pregnant woman.
  • Big Eater: Ed literally eats the culdesac out of house and home, and becomes so comically bloated by the end, that he can't even fit through his basement window. He takes a bite out of a cactus and he was no worse for wear.
  • Bittersweet Ending: The rest of the culdesac is starving and wrecked from Ed raiding their fridges, but Eddy takes advantage of this by setting up an Ed's Mart scam, where all the food Ed ate is taken out and given back to the kids for cash, one of the few times their scams in the series works.
  • Companion Cube: Double D's pet cactus Jim. He tries to use him to defend himself from Ed, but Ed takes a bite out of him, much to Double D's shock. Later on, Ed notices the bite on Jim and assumes he just got a haircut.
  • Continuity Nod: The Ed's Mart stand is the E-No-Gee Drink stand from "Over Your Ed".
  • Growling Gut: Ed stomach gurgles after he wakes up and sees the damage which he's done. Before going back to sleep, it speaks up again and, still believing he's eaten Jimmy, he pats it lovingly and says "Come on, Jimmy, time for bed." Later, when all of the kids in the culdisac wake up with no food, they hungrily limp to "Ed Mart" clutching their growling stomachs.
  • I'm a Humanitarian: Ed doesn't just stop at eating the kids food; at one point, he outright eats Jimmy (but quickly spits him back out). When Eddy tells Ed he ate Jimmy, the horrified Ed assumes Jimmy is still in his stomach, and warns him not to tell Sarah.
  • Never Wake Up A Sleepwalker: Subverted; Double D is unable to awaken Ed while he's eating, but Ed wakes up fine later on, having no recollection of what happened.
  • Pass the Popcorn: Before Ed goes off to eat Jimmy, Eddy sits back and enjoys watching Ed raid Jimmy's fridge, pulling out a bag of popcorn, which he quickly passes to Double D when the latter asks for some.
  • Popping Buttons: Ed's shirt buttons pop out due to his bloated belly once Eddy points out to the (awake) Ed that he ate all the kids food.
  • Team Rocket Wins: This is one of the few episodes in the series where one of the Eds scams goes off without a hitch. What helps the scam is the fact that there is no way the Eds or any of the kids can mess it up because there's nowhere else anyone can go for food but the Eds.