The following is a list of episode titles and summaries for the Cartoon Cartoon ''WesternAnimation/EdEddNEddy''. Created by Danny Antonucci (who also did ''WesternAnimation/TheBrothersGrunt'' and the Creator/{{MTV}} station identification bumpers featuring LupoTheButcher), this series centers on [[ComicTrio three Suburban kids]] -- a dim-witted comic book geek with a bratty little sister, an obsessive-compulsive {{nerd}}, and a loud, obnoxious schemer -- who live in a neighborhood cul-de-sac and have somewhat bizarre adventures.

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[[folder: Season 1]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E1TheEdTouchables "The Ed-Touchables"]]: When several of the kids' stuff goes missing, Eddy believes that someone is out there touching everything, and offers to apprehend this "toucher" for a price.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E2NaggedToEd "Nagged to Ed"]]: The Eds go on an entomology expedition and run afoul of three girls from the local trailer park. At first, these Kanker Sisters are very pleasant and hospitable, but it doesn't take long to bring out a dark side...
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E3PopGoesTheEd "Pop Goes the Ed"]]: The Eds try to beat the heat wave by donning some speedos and crashing Nazz's sprinkler party.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E4OverYourEd "Over Your Ed"]]: After Ed's oafish ways ruin a scam, Edd and Eddy try to reinvent Ed with a total makeover, and the newer, cooler Ed ends up quite the moneymaker.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E5APinchToGrowAnEd "A Pinch to Grow an Ed"]]: Eddy's had enough of his short stature, so Ed and Edd try to make him taller, culminating in the invention of literal Elevator Shoes.
* [[Recap/EdEddNeddyS1E6EdSirEdALot "Sir Ed-A-Lot"]]: The Eds have gotten themselves roped into TheDreadedPretendTeaParty, and must find a way to placate Queen Sarah and Prince Jimmy.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E7QuickShotEd "Quick Shot Ed"]]: The Eds find an old Polaroid camera, and go on a safari snapping pictures of the Kids to make a calendar.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E8ReadAllAboutEd "Read All About Ed"]]: Edd has taken up a paper route in hopes of saving up for an electron microscope, but where there's money to be made, Eddy wants in, and ends up biting off more than the Eds can chew.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E9AnEdTooMany "An Ed Too Many"]]: The Eds' endeavors get disrupted when Sarah develops a crush on Edd, leaving Ed and Eddy to try and get her out of their hair.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E10EdAndSeek "Ed And Seek"]]: The Eds get to participate in a neighborhood-wide game of Hide-and-Seek, but with a catch: they're it.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E11LookIntoMyEds "Look Into My Eds"]]: When Eddy finds a hypnotizing wheel in Edd's mail, he decides to see what kind of traces he can put the Kids in.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyTagYerEd "Tag Yer Ed"]]: When Edd proves to be too weak to heft a mere football, Eddy tries to toughen him up with none other than a {{pro wrestling|episode}} tournament!
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E13DawnOfTheEds "Dawn Of The Eds"]]: Ed is dismayed that the BMovie he's been itching to see is rated Adults Only, so the Eds venture to the junkyard to enact their own tale about space outlaws marooned on a world of robots.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E14VertEdGo "Vert-Ed-Go"]]: The Eds decide they need a clubhouse, and after a bit of hijinks, manage to build one. Unfortunately for them, the Kankers have taken over!
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E15KeepingUpWithTheEds "Keeping Up With The Eds"]]: The Eds efforts to help with Edd's most hated chore, mowing the lawn, ends up doing more harm than good, Luckily, Eddy has some special manure that's sure to grow the lawn back, and then some...
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E16WhoWhatWhereEd "Who, What, Where, Ed!"]]: The Eds need some eggs for their omelettes, and Rolf's willing to trade. Before long, the Eds have a ChainOfDeals on their hands.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E17FoolOnTheEd "Fool On The Ed"]]: Eddy's confidence in pranking is tested when there's a Prank Master going around targeting all the Kids, until only the Eds are left.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E18ABoyAndHisEd "A Boy And His Ed"]]: The Eds find out that Kevin's dad works at the jawbreaker factory, and he's got a garage full of them, and try to buddy up to Kevin.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E19LaughEdLaugh "Laugh Ed Laugh"]]: The Kids have been quarantined with a chickenpox epidemic, leaving the Eds without anyone to scam. While Ed and Edd can take a day off, Eddy slowly goes nuts.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E20ItsWayEd "It's Way Ed"]]: The Kids are trying out new fads at rapid-fire pace, and every time the Eds get in, they've moved on, so the Eds try to get a step ahead and invent their own fad.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E21EdsAggerate "Eds-Aggerate"]]: A scam gone awry sends an armchair into Kevin's window, so Eddy claims that the "Mucky Boys" did it. The Kids then go on an expedition for these "Mucky Boys", forcing the Eds to MaintainTheLie.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E22OathToAnEd "Oath To An Ed"]]: The Eds discover that that Rolf, Jimmy, Jonny, and Plank are part of a scouting troop called the Urban Rangers, and try to join.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E23AGlassOfWarmEd "A Glass Of Warm Ed"]]: Ed goes sleepwalking and raiding everyone's fridge in his sleep, prompting Edd and Eddy to keep him under control.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E24FleaBittenEd "Flea-Bitten Ed"]]: The Eds set up a pet boutique and bathe Rolf's livestock, until Ed develops and allergic reaction and Edd and Eddy must take care of it.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E25ButtonYerEd "Button Yer Ed"]]: Eddy accidentally swallows a fly and becomes mute, and Edd gives him a bell to communicate. Rolf claims to be an expert at translating bell rings, but his translations spell misfortune for Eddy.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E26AvastYeEds "Avast Ye Eds"]]: The Eds try to make money with a cruise across the creek, but it proves to be anything but relaxing when the Kankers get involved.

[[folder:Season 2]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E1EenyMeenyMineyEd "Eeny, Meany, Miney, Ed"]]: Eddy answers Ed's curiosity about Edd's intelligence with a fib about him secretly being a {{reptilian humanoid|s}} who plans on making everyone a freaky HalfHumanHybrid!
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E2ReadySetEd "Ready, Set...Ed"]]: Kevin's proving himself pretty popular with the records he's setting and breaking, prompting the Eds to set a record of their own.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E3KnockKnockWhosEd "Knock Knock, Who's Ed?"]]: Ed is excited for an upcoming 8-hour monster movie {{marathon|running}}, but when Sarah kicks him out of the house, the Eds need to find someplace else to watch TV.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E4OnePlusOneEqualsEd "One + One = Ed"]]: In this fan-favorite episode, the Eds seek the answers to the world around them, only [[BizarroEpisode for things to get... weird...]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E5KnowItAllEd "Know It All Ed"]]: The Eds discover some old turkey basters and claim them to be "Canadian Squirt Guns", which starts a [[TheWestern Wild West]] craze in the cul-de-sac.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E6DearEd "Dear Ed"]]: Jonny and Plank have gone their separate ways after a falling out, prompting the Eds to start an ImaginaryFriend matchmaking service for lonely Jonny.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E7HandsAcrossEd "Hands Across Ed"]]: Eddy decides to go into showbiz for his latest scam, and holds a talent competition to determine the star of their {{telethon}}.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E8FlossYourEd "Floss Your Ed"]]: Ed's last baby tooth is about to fall out, and when Eddy can't wait for the promise of big bucks from TheToothFairy, he places a bounty on Ed's tooth.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E9InLikeEd "In Like Ed"]]: The Eds become curious about Kevin's apparent savviness, and attempt to {{spy|fiction}} on him to find what he knows.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E10WhoLetTheEdIn "Who Let the Ed In?"]]: Ed develops an ImaginaryFriend called Jib that ends up ruining Eddy's scams, causing him and Edd to try and get rid of him.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E11RamblingEd "Rambling Ed"]]: With Sarah dragging Ed into being her personal servant, Eddy convinces him to move out. Rolf offers to let the Eds move into his shed, but it doesn't take long for them to overstay their welcome.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E12HomeCookedEds "Home Cooked Eds"]]: The Kanker Sisters are a having their vacation on Eddy's lawn, of all places, so it's up to the Eds to get rid of them.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E13ToSirWithEd "To Sir with Ed"]]: With his parents gone and Nazz at his doorstep, Eddy believes he's on a date, so Ed and Edd offer to help him out.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E14KeyToMyEd "Key to My Ed"]]: The Eds find a lost key. While Edd wants to see returned to its proper owner, Eddy searches all over the Cul-de-sac to find what it unlocks.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E15HonorThyEd "Honor Thy Ed"]]: There's an old abandoned house, and the Eds agree to investigate, only to find themselves trapped. They search for a way out, and find something far scarier...
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E16ScrambledEd "Scrambled Ed"]]: Exhausted from a 14-hour project, Edd's first instinct is to curl up for some sleep, which become a problem with Eddy's latest scam.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E17UrbanEd "Urban Ed"]]: The Eds decide to shake up the doldrums of suburban living and build a city in the lane out of cardboard boxes. While the Kids are enamored with the prospect of the big city, Jonny believes it to be a cruel place.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E18StopLookAndEd "Stop, Look and Ed"]]: Eddy believes that rules are for losers, whereas Edd stands by the joy of rules. Unfortunately, it's Eddy's doctrine that catches on with the Kids, leaving Edd desperate to restore order.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E19RentAEd "Rent-A-Ed"]]: Eddy decides to start a repair service as his latest scam, which becomes a much harder job when Ed keeps wrecking things.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E20ShooEd "Shoo Ed"]]: Eddy discovers Jonny's knack for annoyance, and makes him into the ultimate pest that he can charge to have removed.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E21EdInAHalfShell "Ed in a Half Shell"]]: Sarah makes Ed take care of Jimmy while she's at dance class. Surprisingly, the two hit it off, and Eddy wants to capitalize of that synergy and make Jimmy his protege.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E22MirrorMirrorOnTheEd "Mirror Mirror on the Ed"]]: The Eds play a game of Truth or Dare, and dare each other to switch behaviors: Eddy acts like Edd, Edd acts like Ed, and Ed acts like Eddy.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E23HotButteredEd "Hot Buttered Ed"]]: The Eds try to secure a spot on the beach, but its too late and Kevin has taken it. Eddy's determined to take his spot, while Edd's worried about their lack of sunscreen.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E24HighHeeledEd "High Heeled Ed"]]: The Eds need to come up with a more feminine scam when Kevin, Rolf, and Jonny have gone go-carting for the day, leaving [[TomboyAndGirlyGirl Sarah, Nazz,]] [[InTouchWithHisFeminineSide and Jimmy]] as their only targets.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E25FaLaLaLaEd "Fa-La-La-La-Ed"]]: Ed's discovery of some fruitcake puts him in the Christmas spirit, when ends up catching on through the cul-de-sac and start an impromptu ChristmasInJuly.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E26CryEd "Cry Ed"]]: Jimmy's MinorInjuryOverreaction gets all the Kids worrying about him, leading a jealous Eddy to try and injure himself for attention.

[[folder: Season 3]]

* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E1WishYouWereEd "Wish You Were Ed"]]: When Rolf become homesick for TheOldCountry, Eddy sees opportunity for a scam to make him believe he's back home.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E2MommasLittleEd "Momma's Little Ed"]]: Ed and Eddy learn that Edd's parents leave sticky notes entailing his daily duties, and mess with him by writing their own.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E3OnceUponAnEd "Once Upon an Ed"]]: The Eds wind up stuck in Jonny's wall, and offer to regale him with a RashomonStyle tale of how they got there.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E4ForYourEdOnly "For Your Ed Only"]]: When Sarah's diary falls into the Eds' hands, Edd desires its safe return while Eddy wants to learn its secrets, not knowing that the Kids are on the search.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E5ItCameFromOuterEd "It Came from Outer Ed"]]: Ed's {{comic book|s}} inspires him to make his own scam! Edd convinces Eddy to humor him on this, but his increasingly bizarre instructions don't make it easy.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E6ThreeSquaresAndAnEd "3 Squares and an Ed"]]: [[YouAreGrounded Ed is grounded]] for [[NoodleIncident some unspecified reason]], and Eddy guilt-trips Edd into helping him bust out, which is no easy task.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E7DuelingEds "Dueling Eds"]]: Eddy's inadvertent disrespect of Rolf's heritage puts the FarmBoy into a deep depression. Edd goading an apology out of an uncaring Eddy only makes things worse, and Rolf challenges Eddy to a duel!
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E8DimLitEd "Dim Lit Ed"]]: Edd notices that lacking intelligence is apparent all across the cul-de-sac, and tries to counteract this with a mentally stimulating ScavengerHunt, which no-one is really getting into.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E9WillWorkForEd "Will Work for Ed"]]: Rolf is hiring for help around the farm, so Edd and Eddy send Ed into the workforce. With several pay deductions and the threat of firing on the first day, the Eds have their work cut out for them.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E10EdEdAndAway "Ed, Ed and Away"]]: The Eds take a break from their usual scamming to chase a wayward balloon floating across the cul-de-sac.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E11XMarksTheEd "X Marks the Ed"]]: Eddy sprouts an ever-growing zit on his head, and all the kids are out to make fun of it... except for Rolf, who may just have a solution.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E12FromHereToEd "From Here to Ed"]]: When Kevin inadvertently ruins Eddy's latest scam, Eddy declares war, making several ill-fated attempts to get even.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E13BoysWillBeEds "Boys Will Be Eds"]]: The Eds, Kevin, and Jonny find themselves even more smitten with Nazz than usual, and pull out all stops to compete for her affection.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E14EdOrTails "Ed or Tails"]]: Ed gets a package of jawbreakers in the mail, but there's only two of them. When an attempt to divide them up evenly fails, the Eds compete against each other for the last one.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E15GimmeGimmeNeverEd "Gimme, Gimme Never Ed"]]: When Eddy finds out that Plank gets an allowance, he tries to scam the hunk of wood with the thrill-ride of a lifetime.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E16MyFairEd "My Fair Ed"]]: After Ed and Eddy cause a ruckus through the cul-de-sac, Edd tries to teach them nice behavior via Pavlovian Training. Unfortunately, things may just end up worse when the two become ''aggressively'' nice.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E17RockAByeEd "Rock-a-Bye-Ed"]]: Ed has a nightmare of his mother's punishment, with Jonny as his mother, for some reason! This causes Ed to have an AbsurdPhobia of the wood boy that Edd and Eddy must cure.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E18OEdEleven "O-Ed-Eleven"]]: The Eds uncover a strange TreasureMap left by Eddy's Brother, and after some deliberation, decipher that it points right under the Kanker Sisters' trailer!
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E19TheLuckOfTheEd "The Luck of the Ed"]]: Eddy hastily entrusts Ed to hide his brother's magazines from his mom. Unfortunately, Ed forgot where he hid them, and Eddy gets more and more worried as the Eds try to find them.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E20EdPassItOn "Ed... Pass It On..."]]: Tired of not getting any respect, Eddy starts a false rumor that his brother is return, causing varying reactions from the Kids.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E21BrotherCanYouSpareAnEd "Brother Can You Spare an Ed"]]: When Sarah entrusts Ed with her money to buy some fudge, Eddy tempts Ed to buy jawbreakers with it, and the Eds have to make it up to her.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E22TheDayTheEdStoodStill "The Day the Ed Stood Still"]]: Edd decides to humor Ed's desire to become a monster by making a monster costume. This causes Ed's imagination to grow out of control, and the resulting Edzilla terrorizes the cul-de-sac.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E23AnEdInTheBush "An Ed in the Bush"]]: The Urban Rangers go on a camping trip, and Eddy tries to scare the pants off them to prove that they're just big phonies {and to salve his own wounded pride).
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E24SeeNoEd "See No Ed"]]: In this LowerDeckEpisode, the Eds haven't been seen all day! The Kids declare this to be cause for celebration, but when they discover signs of a scam, Kevin starts getting paranoid.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E25IsThereAnEdInTheHouse "Is There an Ed in the House?"]]: Sarah is sick, and has Jimmy taking care of her. Ed, however, wants to be the one to take care of his baby sister, which throws a monkey wrench in Eddy's scams.
* [[Recap/EdEddnEddyS3E26AnEdIsBorn "An Ed is Born"]]: When it becomes clear that Eddy's big bro still views him as a "pipsqueak", the Eds decide to make a home movie to prove otherwise, [[MurphysLaw which proves to be surprisingly difficult]].

[[folder:Season 4]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E1IfItSmellsLikeAnEd "If It Smells Like an Ed"]]: In the show's first and most infamous two-parter, the Eds find themselves framed for ruining the Kids' Friendship Day celebration, and with only a handful of clues, must find the true perpetrator and [[ClearMyName clear their names]].
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E2DontRainOnMyEd "Don't Rain on My Ed"]]: The Candy shop is giving away free jawbreakers, but with only ten minutes till closing and every possible obstacle in their way, the Eds have the race of their lives ahead of them.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E3OnceBittenTwiceEd "Once Bitten, Twice Ed"]]: Eddy comes up with "the foolproof scam", but when it fails, he believes a simple tweaking will get the Kids coming back.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E4OneSizeFitsEd "One Size Fits Ed"]]: With Jimmy dreaming of stardom and Ed on a sumo wrestler kick, Eddy decides to train Jimmy to become the greatest sumo wrestler ever.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E5PainInTheEd "Pain in the Ed"]]: Ed has to practice playing the violin, and the results are... {{dreadful|musician}}. While Edd respects Ed's efforts, Eddy wants the thing destroyed. The only problem is, Sarah and Jimmy are tasked to make sure Ed keeps practicing undisturbed.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E6EdOverboard "Ed Overboard"]]: Lee and Marie make up for a mean prank they played on May by kidnapping Ed for her, forcing Edd and Eddy to enlist the Urban Rangers to rescue him.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E7OneOfThoseEds "One of Those Eds"]]: Everyone comes across a quarter stuck on tight to the sidewalk that for some reason, won't come off despite their best efforts.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E8TheyCallHimMrEd "They Call Him Mr. Ed"]]: Eddy starts an office business in his driveway called Ed Co. with the goal of going nowhere but up.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E9ForTheEdByTheEd "For the Ed, by the Ed"]]: Jimmy starts proclaiming Plank king of the cul-de-sac from rescuing him from the Kankers, but Eddy insists that he should be king and demands an election.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E8LittleEdBlue "Little Ed Blue"]]: When Ed becomes uncharacteristically grumpy and violent out of the blue, it's up to Edd and Eddy to bring him back around.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E11ATwistOfEd "A Twist of Ed"]]: Tired of the Kankers' harassing them, the Eds use ReversePsychology to turn the tables on them and chase them away with a taste of their own medicine.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E12YourEdHere "Your Ed Here"]]: Kevin finds out Eddy's EmbarrassingMiddleName, and uses it as {{Blackmail}} to force Eddy into humiliating situations.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E13TheGoodOlEd "The Good Ol' Ed"]]: The Eds create a time capsule to remember some of their past exploits, such as their {{Prehistoria}} scam, or Edd's HiccupHijinks, or the world's largest pancake... which none of the others remember actually happening.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E14ThickAsAnEd "Thick as an Ed"]]: Eddy's latest scam cannot get off the ground when the horrible stench of Ed's lucky cheese chunk, Sheldon, causes a quarrel between him and Edd.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E15SorryWrongEd "Sorry, Wrong Ed"]]: Eddy takes a strange telephone that Rolf is all too eager to dispose of, and ends up suffering AmusingInjuries every time it rings.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E16RobbinEd "Robbin' Ed"]]: Jonny and Plank become masked vigilantes called Captain Melonhead and Splinter the Wonderwood to protect the Kids allowances from Eddy's scam artistry.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E18ACaseOfEd "A Case of Ed"]]: Edd discovers his usual characteristics line up with the symptoms of the "Lackadaisycathro Disease", which Ed and Eddy use to play a prank of him whilst making fun of a grounded Kevin.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E19RunForYourEd "Run for Your Ed"]]: The Kanker Sisters' Ship-In-A-Bottle has gone missing, causing a [[ApocalypseHow "Kanker hissy fit"]] as they look for it, not know it got stuck on sleepwalking Ed's finger.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E20HandMeDownEd "Hand Me Down Ed"]]: A strange boomerang flies through the cul-de-sac, causing everyone it touches [[BecameTheirOwnAntithesis to act the opposite of how they normally would]].
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E21StiffUpperEd "Stiff Upper Ed"]]: Sarah and Jimmy are hosting a club where they pretend to be stereotypical rich people, and the Eds want to be a part of it.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E22HeresMudInYourEd "Here's Mud in Your Ed"]]: When a downhearted Jimmy is the victim of another scam, Rolf teams up with him to give Eddy a taste of his own scamming medicine.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E23StuckInEd "Stuck in Ed"]]: In the 100th episode, Eddy finds himself with [[WritersBlock Scammer's Block]], but Ed gives him the idea to buy a scam from someone, and it appears that Jimmy is selling...
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E24PostcardsFromTheEd "Postcards from the Ed"]]: Plank's parents are visiting, and the Eds offer to take them off Jonny's hands and show them around the cul-de-sac.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E25TakeThisEdAndShoveIt "Take This Ed and Shove It"]]: Eddy realizes that the Kids are growing up, and makes that the basis for his next scam. However, he arrogantly insists that he'll stay a boy forever, only to wake up to a world where he and everyone else are all incredibly old.

[[folder:Season 5]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E1MissionEdPossible "Mission Ed-Possible"]]: Ed and Eddy discover that Edd delivers their report cards to their parents (since the school won't trust them) and chase him down.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E2EveryWhichWayButEd "Every Which Way but Ed"]]: Eddy tries to tell how he scammed a jawbreaker off of Jonny, only for the Eds to get lost in a series of {{Nested|Story}} {{Flashback}}s.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E3BoomBoomOutGoesTheEd "Boom Boom Out Goes the Ed"]]: A BigBlackout hits the cul-de-sac, and everyone deals with in different ways, while Ed believes that Mole Mutants are afoot.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E4CleanlinessIsNextToEdness "Cleanliness is Next to Edness"]]: Edd's shower is out of order for renovations, making the NeatFreak desperate for someone who will let him borrow their shower, becoming filthier as he does so.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E5OutWithTheOldInWithTheEd "Out with the Old... in with the Ed"]]: This two-parter marks the end of the summer that dominated the past four seasons, and heralds the beginning of school. In the first part, Eddy tries to hide the coming autumn, and in the second, the Eds realize they've been given separate homerooms and the only way out is a [[DealWithTheDevil Deal with the Kankers]].
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E6IAmCuriousEd "I Am Curious Ed"]]: Sarah and Jimmy's pet goldfish have had babies, getting the two young ones curious as to where babies come from.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E7NoSpeakDaEd "No Speak Da Ed"]]: Ed receives a number of wolf-themed gifts from his pen-pal Gerta, which remind Rolf of an old foe of his.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E8CoolHandEd "Cool Hand Ed"]]: The Eds and Jonny have had enough of school, and orchestrate a plan to break out.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E9TooSmartForHisOwnEd "Too Smart for His Own Ed"]]: A case of dumb luck causes Edd to fail the SpellingBee and Ed to win, completely reversing their reputations as the smart one and dumb one.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E10WhosMindingTheEd "Who's Minding the Ed?"]]: Rolf puts Ed in charge of his livestock while goes to his family reunion, and they cause a commotion in his house.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E11PickAnEd "Pick an Ed"]]: When some hallway graffiti proclaims Eddy to be a NoNeckChump, he raids the lost and found to invent a SecretIdentity and find out just who it was.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E12TruthOrEd "Truth or Ed"]]: Eddy takes advantage of Edd's position of editor-in-chief of the school paper to spread MaliciousSlander under the pseudonym of Bobby Blabby.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E13ThisWontHurtAnEd "This Won't Hurt an Ed"]]: Eddy goes through the student medical records and discovers that Kevin is AfraidOfNeedles, and uses that fear for {{revenge}}.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E14TinkerEd "Tinker Ed"]]: When Kevin challenges Jimmy's belief in {{Fairy Tale}}s, Eddy sees an opportunity for a scam which only ends up making things worse.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E15TheGoodTheBadAndTheEd "The Good, the Bad and the Ed"]]: Eddy challenges the Urban Rangers' legitimacy once more by challenging Rolf for the toughest badge there is to earn: the Hairy Chest of Resilience.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E16TightEndEd "Tight End Ed"]]: The Peach Creek Jr. High football team doesn't stand a chance against the Lemon Brook Lumpers, so Nazz decides to raise school spirit by making Ed the school mascot.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E17TweenARockAndAnEdPlace "'Tween a Rock and an Ed Place"]]: Jonny and Plank are inviting everyone to their Arbor Day celebration, and naturally, the Eds are the only ones attending.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E18AllEdsAreOff "All Eds Are Off"]]: The Eds, Kevin, Rolf, and Jonny all make a bet to see who can abstain from their greatest vices the longest.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E19SmileForTheEd "Smile for the Ed"]]: It's picture day, and if Eddy can get a good picture for once, he'll inherit his brother's room.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E20RunEdRun "Run Ed Run"]]: With a field trip to the jawbreaker factory today, Eddy and Sarah compete for front seat, but Sarah has an Ace in the Hole; convince Ed that the sky is falling.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E21ATownCalledEd "A Town Called Ed"]]: Fresh off of getting denied an invitation to Kevin's shindig, Eddy discovers that his ancestors were the pioneers who founded Peach Creek, and believe that will get him what he deserves.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E22AFistfulOfEd A Fistful of Ed]]": In the SeriesFauxnale, a series of mishaps cause meek, pacifistic Edd to accidentally beat up Lee. His newfound reputation makes him TheDreaded and drives a rift between him and Ed, but Jimmy believes him, and the two work together to set things straight.

[[folder:Season 6]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS6E1MayIHaveThisEd "May I Have This Ed?"]]: The Jr. HighSchoolDance is coming up, and while Edd is a NervousWreck, Eddy is again too confident for his own good.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS6E2LookBeforeYouEd "Look Before You Ed"]]: The winter weather makes the FragileFlower[=/=]IronButtmonkey Jimmy even more vulnerable than usual, so Edd decides to start his safety club, but Ed and Eddy's shenanigans don't make things easy.

* [[Recap/EdEddNEddysJingleJingleJangle "Ed, Edd n Eddy's Jingle Jingle Jangle"]]: In the ChristmasEpisode, Eddy tires of always getting clothes for Christmas, and tries to mooch off of the others, prompting Ed and Edd to teach him the TrueMeaningOfChristmas.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddysHankyPankyHullabaloo "Ed, Edd n Eddy's Hanky Panky Hullabaloo"]]: In the ValentinesDayEpisode, Sarah and Jimmy are a pair of cupids who make Edd and May smitten with one another after the former's act of compassion to the latter, causing all kinds of trouble.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddysBooHawHaw "Ed, Edd n Eddy's Boo Haw Haw"]]: In the HalloweenEpisode, the Eds follow a map left by Eddy's brother to the mythical trick-or-treating spot "Spook-E-Ville", only for Ed's previous binge on B-Movies to cause him disruptive hallucinations.
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyTheEdsAreComing The Eds Are Coming]]: In part 2 of the Cartoon Network "Invaded" event, Jimmy's AcidRefluxNightmare heralds an AlienInvasion at Rolf's house, prompting the Eds and the Kids to pull a MisfitMobilizationMoment and fight them back.

[[folder:The Movie]]
* ''[[WesternAnimation/EdEddNEddysBigPictureShow Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show]]'': In TheMovie and the GrandFinale, [[NoodleIncident the Eds' latest scam]] has GoneHorriblyWrong, and the Kids are out for their blood. The Eds' only hope is to venture far outside of Peach Creek and seek refuge from the legendary Eddy's Brother.