Recap / Due South S 1 E20and 21 Victorias Secret

Fraser: "And it snowed for a day and a night and a day; and when I couldn't talk anymore, I took her fingers and I put them in my mouth to keep them warm... I don't remember losing consciousness, but I do remember being aware that I was dying. And then I heard her voice. She was reciting a poem."

Nine years ago, a man crossed some of the remotest and least hospitable parts of Canada's Northwest Territories, to find a lost woman and bring her back. By the time he found her, he was little better off than she... but both were tough, and determined, and the only way they could survive was to huddle close together, to share warmth, and keep talking to each other, to avoid drifting off into sleep and hypothermia. Of course they fell in love.

But Victoria was a fugitive from a bank robbery turned fatal, and Fraser was the Mountie sent to arrest her. She asked him to let her go. He wouldn't. She served nine years in prison for the robbery, and never forgave him. He never forgave himself, either.

It's another ordinary day in Chicago for Fraser when he sees a familiar woman's shape. Impossible! But there she is, Fraser's sure of it, just for a moment before she melts into the crowd. He tries to shrug it off, but his mind won't let go; he keeps imagining her... seeing her turn, and face him, and ask him why he betrayed her. And he still doesn't have an answer for her, and the snow is falling fast and thick around them... shutting them in together, or maybe apart forever.