* Main/BeleagueredChildhoodFriend: Mark Smithbauer
* CasualDangerDialogue: While ice skating to escape a car full of gunmen:
-->'''Smithbauer:''' If we were basketball players, we'd be dead!
* DisabilitySuperpower: One of Fraser's neighbors is almost entirely deaf, but has learned to read lips very well because she loves {{Opera}}.
* EnhanceButton: {{Discussed}}, then dismissed. No matter how much they blow up the image, the video tape is too low-resolution for it to do any good. The mention that if it had been recorded on film instead, they would have been able to try it.
* IKnowMaddenKombat: Fraser and Smithbauer take on a bunch of gunmen in an iced-over lot on ice skates with hockey sticks, using a variety of hockey moves.
* JerkAss: Smithbauer doesn't really endear himself to others very well. From the stories Fraser tells, it sounds like he's always been a pretty domineering sort.
* KeepTheReward: Fraser refuses to be paid for acting as Smithbauer's bodyguard, insisting that he is doing it only out of friendship.
* LemmingCops: PlayedForLaughs, a whole gaggle of police cruisers end up piled up on each other at the conclusion of a high speed chase due to the iced over road.
* Main/LonelyAtTheTop
* ThrowingTheFight: Smithbauer agreed to throw a game in exchange for money, but changed his mind midway through. Now his benefactors are out to kill him for the money they lost betting against him.