Recap / Due South S 1 E 11 You Must Remember This

It's Love at First Sight for Ray when he is run over by a beautiful woman after a routine traffic stop goes bad. Things get more complicated when it is discovered that she may be an accomplice in a gun running operation. While Fraser and the Chicago detectives follow the trail, Ray must reconcile his duties as a cop with his feelings for this dangerous woman. It is also revealed that Fraser has had a similar problem before, and he tries to warn Ray of how dangerous this situation can be.


  • Book Ends: Ray and the woman helping each other after car accidents in the beginning and climax of the episode.
  • Character Development: Huey, Louis, and Fraser all get some fleshing out in this episode, as they talk to Ray to help him figure out his feelings for the suspect they are pursuing.
  • Dating Catwoman: Ray has fallen in love with a beautiful gun runner, and it seems she reciprocates his feelings. How this will affect their roles in the game of Cop and Crook is unclear...
  • Foreshadowing: Fraser tells Ray a story about a similar situation he was in, explaining how it was doomed to end badly. This will become very important at the end of the season. Even the title of the episode is a nod to this trope.
  • Friendship Moment: Huey and Louis, Ray's rivals at the precinct, stay several hours after their shift is over to pass the time playing cards with him and Fraser.
  • Hidden Depths: Fraser doesn't seem like the sort to get into a romantic relationship with a fugitive.
  • Jurisdiction Friction: The Chicago detectives end up running afoul of a federal investigation of their suspect. See Undercover Cop Reveal.
  • Let Me Tell You a Story: Fraser relates a story of his own experience with Dating Catwoman, complete with Deconstruction. Ray has dozed off during the story and likely didn't get anything from it.
  • Sociopathic Soldier: The other gun runner is a former National Guardsman, though it is noted that his tendencies (and the criminal record that came with them) are the reason why he's no longer serving in uniform.
  • Undercover Cop Reveal: The woman is an undercover Federal agent.
  • Unflinching Faith in the Brakes: Ray gets ahead of the two gun runners during a high speed chase, and blocks the road with his Cool Car, refusing to get out of the way even as Fraser tries to explain the physics of what happens when a seven ton armored truck hits a civilian automobile at full speed. Ray is confident that the driver, the woman he has fallen in love with, will not kill him. He's right, and she chooses to take the truck off the road, crashing down a hill, rather than hurt him.